1st Anniversary Я (ライバルイベント~Я櫂トシキ~, lirerally Rival Event ~Яeverse Toshiki Kai~) is a rival event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in January 2021.


  • 2021: January 1st (13:00) to January 11th (04:59) [JP]
  • 2021: April 1st (17:00 PST) to April 11st (23:59 PST) [Global]


  • Complete missions, as well as fight against Яeverse Toshiki Kai to get Rival Stamp: Яeverse Toshiki Kai, which can be exchanged for various items.
  • By winning a total of 5 fights in Rank Fight or the Fight Training Area, player's are give the opportunity to play against a CPU Яeverse Toshiki Kai.
  • Fighting against Яeverse Toshiki Kai is limited to once a day.

Event Exchange Store Items

Item Rival Stamp: Яeverse Toshiki Kai Available Quantity Image
Яeverse Medal 2000 1
Title Honourific: Test Subject 500 1
Gacha Ticket: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights 250 1
Gacha Ticket: Dazzling Divas 250 1
Gacha Ticket: Seal Dragons Unleashed 250 1
Gacha Ticket: Binding Force of the Black Rings 250 1
Gacha Ticket: Divine Dragon Progression 250 1


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