Stealth Dragon, Hashiribi

Afterimage (ザンエイ Zan'ei) is a keyword exclusive to the Nubatama clan, and introduced in G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE.

How it Works

An "Afterimage" ability only activates when your opponent puts a card from bind zone into his or her hand. When it does, you may return the unit possessing this ability to your hand, as long as there are six or fewer cards in your hand.

When various "Afterimage" abilities are activated at the same time, the number of cards in your hand is checked separately for each ability that will be resolved. In other words, once you have seven cards in your hand, you cannot return anymore rear-guards with this ability.

List of Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

List of Support Cards

Grade 1

Grade 3

Grade 4

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