Akane Kiyosu (清州 アカネ Kiyosu Akane) is a character of Cardfight!! Vanguard G. She is a worker in the Dragon Empire Branch where her part of her work involves traveling to other countries and a colleague of Mamoru Anjou.


G Season 1

Akane and Tokoha Anjou have known each other since their youth and have a sister-like bond, but they have grown distant as time passed. One day, when they were young, they buried a time capsule in a park; they both put one present into the capsule that they kept secret from each other until they become adults.

She was first introduced in Episode 6, where she was seen working with Mamoru Anjou (Akane's boss), with a Dragon Empire Branch event. On G Episode 9, she reunited with Tokoha, who was working with Chrono Shindou in setting up for a Vanguard tournament for children, but they chatted briefly because Tokoha was busy. Later, when Tokoha sees that the park where the time capsule is buried is undergoing construction, she learns that Chrono had dug up the capsule as part of a quest from Akane, who then takes that capsule. Tokoha later learns from Mamoru and is distraught from the news that Akane has taken a post overseas and will be leaving Japan tomorrow.

The next day, during the children's Vanguard tournament, Tokoha resolves to see Akane at the airport and have one more cardfight with her as a farewell gift. As they both recall their memories from the past, Akane reassures Tokoha that her departure is not the end but rather a new beginning. After Tokoha wins the fight, Akane gives her the present that she placed in the time capsule: a gold medal. Akane then leaves, and while on the plane, she opens the gift that Tokoha had left in the capsule: a special card of herself drawn by a young Tokoha.

G Season 2

Akane was seen briefly during GC Episode 26 where she was seen with the North American group of Plan G (Aichi Sendou, Kyou Yahagi, Ratie Curti, and Kenji Mitsusada) inside of the Stride Force as her avatar.

G Season 4

Akane was again seen during NX Episode 7 where she had moved from the United States to Paris, France to live with Tokoha Anjou. She is part of the Paris branch of the Vanguard Association alongside Tokoha. 


Akane uses a Royal Paladin deck.



  • Akane's surname Kiyosu means "clear, pure, clean" (清) (kiyo) and "state" (州) (su). 



Record (Season 5)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tokoha Anjou (Flashback) Turn 9 Win
Tokoha Anjou Turn 9 Lose
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