Blue Sky Knight, Altmile

"Altmile" (アルトマイル Arutomairu) is a series of cards with "Altmile" in its card name exclusive to the Royal Paladin clan, introduced in G Trial Deck 2: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star.


Who is Altmile?

(Monthly Bushiroad December 2014)

He is an elite knight of Royal Paladin, the First Regular Army of the Holy Nation. Despite being born as a layman in the border area where the legend of Gablade the Sacred Knight was left, his supreme swordsmanship and passion are well recognized, and he has served the nation as a formal knight since his youth. After that, he achieved many victories and became a knight praised for his top-level martial skills. When he heard that dangers were approaching the boundary, he invited the knights who from his hometown, as well as a bunch of traveling companions, and initiated the Expedition to patrol the border. He has vowed to protect the nation as well as his hometown - like the great paladin who spent his life protecting this land.

(Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star)

Altmile was born in a town standing in the desert area on the eastern border of the United Sanctuary, close to the barrens of Dragon Empire, the militant empire lead by the dragons. He grew up hearing the legacy and legend of a hero. The hero's name is Gablade the Sacred Knight, a great knight who fought bravely to protect the desert town from an invasion by the dragons.

Recently, the desert area where his hometown stands has been threatened by the invasion from the Dragon Empire. Altmile and his comrades in the Expedition marched towards their hometown, and fight bravely to protect their hometown like Gablade did. And... in midst of war, Altmile and his comrades contacted the hero, surpassing time.

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