Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando

The "Ancient Dragons" (だいりゅう Kodairyū) are a set of mostly Dinodragon cards that include "Ancient Dragon" in their card names exclusive to the Tachikaze clan, and introduced in Booster Set 11: Seal Dragons Unleashed. The "Spino" archetype is also part of this set.


Like the rest of the Tachikaze clan, Ancient Dragons focus on retiring their own rearguards to increase the Vanguards power and Critical while using effects that return the retired rear-guards to the field. They specialize on doing this during the Battle Phase in order to perform additional attacks, as the "revived" rearguards will be placed in Stand position. At the same time, their Vanguard can frequently very high Power with extra Criticals almost every turn.


Ancient Dragons are the first ever dinodragons that dominated the soils of Cray in the pre-historic times. While other races had gone extinct one after another during the cataclysm, they had survived its fury by slumbering indefinitely under the earth. In addition, they somehow exhibited their extraordinary vitality and continue to evolve despite laying dormant under the earth. It has been inferred that they awakened from their long slumber from the effect of the pollution to the air and land as a process of "Link Joker's" invasion of Cray.

List of "Ancient Dragon" Cards

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