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Angel Feather (エンジェルフェザー Enjeru Fezā) is a clan from the nation of Co united United Sanctuary. Most of the clan's units are angels, hence the name. Their units are styled around doctors, nurses, hospitals, and anything that has to do with healing, rescuing, or hospitality.


What is Angel Feather? (Card of the Day, July 29, 2015)

It is a medical institute of which headquarter is located in "United Sanctuary", the nation which combines white magic and science. The institute is composed of angels with high level of medical technology and healing magic. Hundreds of medical teams are dispatched all over the world, and as a neutral third party, they heal all patients on the battlefield regardless of nationalities and races.

In addition to healing, they also possess combat abilities for non-aggressive defense. Many special teams exist within this organization, and are responsible for specific purpose of healing or combat with good interaction among individuals.

The Special Forces of "Angel Feather" (Monthly Bushiroad, June Issue 2016)

"Blossom Healers", the special medical force which provides psychological therapies and counselling service.

"Innocent Messengers", the special medical service force which delivers messages between the medical institutes in the heavenly realm and the realm of men.

"Silver Creators", the special development force which produce doctoroids and medical devices.


The clan's main focus is manipulating cards in the damage zone, either by calling cards from the damage zone, swapping cards between the hand and damage zone, or even outright healing. Since this often allows Angel Feather to remove face-down cards from the damage zone and exchange them for fresh face-up cards, Angel Feather can effectively Counter Charge large amounts of damage, allowing them to heavily utilize Counter Blast costs.

Fight Skins


Rekka Kourin
(Plain Clothes)


(Flower Viewing)



Name Type Description
Angel Shared Winged holy humanoids who specialize in support and medical studies.
Golem Shared
High Beast Shared
Human Shared
Salamander Shared
Workeroid Shared


Name Type Description
Nociel Archetype

List of Angel Feather cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Hope Child, Turiel Hope Child, Turiel Angel
Miracle Feather Nurse Miracle Feather Nurse Angel
Sunny Smile Angel Sunny Smile Angel Angel
Thermometer Angel Thermometer Angel Angel

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Battle Cupid, Nociel Battle Cupid, Nociel Angel
Burst Shot, Bethnael Burst Shot, Bethnael Angel
Candlelight Angel Candlelight Angel Angel
Carrier of the Life Water Carrier of the Life Water High Beast
Clutch Rifle Angel Clutch Rifle Angel Angel
Doctroid Micros Doctroid Micros Workeroid
Heavenly Injector Heavenly Injector Angel
Lancet Shooter Lancet Shooter Angel
Lightning Charger Lightning Charger Human
Pure Keeper, Requiel Pure Keeper, Requiel Angel Sentinel
Thousand Ray Pegasus Thousand Ray Pegasus High Beast

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Core Memory, Armaros Core Memory, Armaros Angel
Doctroid Megalos Doctroid Megalos Workeroid
Fate Healer, Ergodiel Fate Healer, Ergodiel Angel
Gattling Shot, Barbiel Gattling Shot, Barbiel Angel
Iron Heart, Mastema Iron Heart, Mastema Angel
Love Machine Gun, Nociel Love Machine Gun, Nociel Angel
Million Ray Pegasus Million Ray Pegasus High Beast

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Chief Nurse, Shamsiel Chief Nurse, Shamsiel Angel Trigger unit
Circular Saw, Kiriel Circular Saw, Kiriel Angel Trigger unit
Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel Angel Trigger unit
Drill Bullet, Geniel Drill Bullet, Geniel Angel Trigger unit
Medical Gunner, Hermieres Medical Gunner, Hermieres Angel Trigger unit
Pulse Wave, Adriel Pulse Wave, Adriel Angel Trigger unit
The Phoenix, Calamity Flame The Phoenix, Calamity Flame Salamander Trigger unit

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