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Aquaroid (アクアロイド Akuaroido) is a race unique to the Aqua Force clan. Aquaroids are humanoid artificial lifeforms made from mana-imbued water that serve as soldiers in Aqua Force. They are similar to Neo Nectar's Bioroids, who are also humanoids made of a mana-imbued substance that serve as personnel.

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Who are the Aquaroids?

"Aquaroids", the soldiers of "Aqua Force", are artificial lifeforms made of mana-imbued water. These soldiers are administrated using their number of "Generations" when they were born, and the exceptionally outstanding individuals are given titles and/or names. Over ninety percent of an aquaroid's body is composed of water, and some of the aquaroids can convert a portion of their bodies into liquid. Most of them are born in a form from adolescence to young adulthood, and they have varied physical capabilities and personalities according to the amount and quality of their mana. They don't die except from losing mana or suffering severe injuries, and they are semi-perpetual beings if mana is supplied regularly. They are soldiers born only for the purpose of war, knowing no fear. Nonetheless, many of them possess a high variety of emotions and love entertainment, and they prefer "eating" food in canteens rather than "supplying" inorganic matter, for the cause of morale.

List of Aquaroids


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