Sub-Clans Archetype Series

Dragruler and Mordred Phantom (Extra)

Revenger, Dragruler Phantom and Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom, two members of the "Phantom" Archetype

Archetypes, like Sub-Clans, can also be put into two categories, those being "Regular" Archetypes, and "Character" Archetypes. Although they are mostly similar, "Character" archetypes revolve around one card with multiple forms, whereas "Regular" archetypes revolve around a title.

All Archetypes, both Regular and Character, must have support cards that do not share the same card name or title. They may, however, support themselves, such as a G unit form of a Character Archetype requiring a heart card or vanguard of itself as a Grade 3. Ride Chains also may be Character Archetypes.

"Character" Archetypes also became a major focus in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, where the mechanic of Stride and Stride Bonus, as well as in card lores, focused on characters and their accomplishments, gaining support through friends and followers.

List of Archetypes

Note: Some of the archetypes technically have members from multiple clans. However, some of the listings below only mention one clan due to that clan having the archetypal support, or the members from other clans being included due to happenstance. Such listings include "Gaia", "Raging", "Vermillion", etc.

United Sanctuary

Name Clan(s) Type
Alfred Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin Character
Altmile Royal Paladin Character
Amaterasu Oracle Think Tank Character
Ashlei Royal Paladin Character
Blaster Blade (Archetype) Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin Character
Blaster Dark (Archetype) Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin Character
Bluish Flame Gold Paladin Title
Claret Sword Dragon (Archetype) Shadow Paladin Character
Claudas Shadow Paladin Character
Dorint Shadow Paladin Character
Ezel Gold Paladin Character
Fenrir Genesis Character
Gancelot Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin Character
Garmore Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin Character
Gavrail Angel Feather Character
Gurguit Gold Paladin Character
Luard Shadow Paladin Character
Nociel Angel Feather Character
Phantom Shadow Paladin Title
Raging Shadow Paladin Character
Sanctuary Guard Royal Paladin Title
Saver Royal Paladin Title
Susanoo Oracle Think Tank Character
Tsukuyomi Oracle Think Tank Character

Dragon Empire

Name Clan(s) Type
Big Bang Knuckle Narukami Title
Blademaster Kagero Character
Blockade Kagero Character
Dauntless Kagero Character
Descendant Narukami Character
Detonix Narukami Title
Dungaree Narukami Character
Gaia Tachikaze Character
Gauntlet Buster Narukami Character
Shiranui Nubatama Character
Shirayuki Murakumo Character
Spino Tachikaze Character
Vanquisher Narukami Character
Vermillion Narukami Character
Vowing Narukami Character
Yasuie Murakumo Character

Star Gate

Name Clan(s) Type
Asura Nova Grappler Character
Asura Kaiser (Archetype) Nova Grappler Character
Chaos Link Joker Character
Daikaiser Dimension Police Character
Daiyusha Dimension Police Character
Dragon Mask (Archetype) The Mask Collection Character
Durian The Mask Collection Character
Durian Mask (Archetype) The Mask Collection Character
Gallop Dimension Police Character
Glendios Link Joker Character
Grei Link Joker Title
Infinite Link Joker Title
Jaguar Mask (Archetype) The Mask Collection Character
Sumo Mask (Archetype) The Mask Collection Character
Turtle Mask (Archetype) The Mask Collection Character
Victor Nova Grappler Character
Zeal Dimension Police Character

Dark Zone

Name Clan(s) Type
Bad End Spike Brothers Character
Chronofang Gear Chronicle Character
Chronojet Gear Chronicle Character
Chronojet Dragon (Archetype) Gear Chronicle Character
Chronoscommand Gear Chronicle Character
Harri Pale Moon Character
Luquier Pale Moon Character
Rising Spike Brothers Character
Scharhrot Dark Irregulars Character


Name Clan(s) Type
Cocytus Granblue Character
Coral Bermuda Triangle Character
Lauris Bermuda Triangle Character
Maelstrom Aqua Force Character
Meer Bermuda Triangle Character
Nightrose Granblue Character
Pacifica Bermuda Triangle Character
Raindear Bermuda Triangle Character
Reit Bermuda Triangle Character
Riviere Bermuda Triangle Character
Thavas Aqua Force Character
Trans-core Aqua Force Character


Name Clan(s) Type
Bigbelly Great Nature Character
Cecilia Neo Nectar Character
Darkface Megacolony Title
Honorary Professor Great Nature Title
Leo-pald Great Nature Character
Ranunculus Neo Nectar Title

Touken Ranbu

Name Clan(s) Type
Gokotai Character
Honebami Toushirou (Archetype) Character
Ichigo Hitofuri (Archetype) Character
Jiroutachi (Archetype) Character
Nakigitsune (Archetype) Character
Namazuo Toushirou (Archetype) Character
Taroutachi (Archetype) Character


Name Clan(s) Type
Kaiser Narukami, Dimension Police, Nova Grappler Title
Overlord Kagero, Shadow Paladin Title
Яeverse Royal Paladin, Angel Feather, Kagero, Murakumo, Narukami, Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, Link Joker, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, Granblue, Aqua Force, Great Nature, Neo Nectar Title

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