Are You Ready To Fight Raychell
Are you ready to FIGHT



B4k & Miyakoda Kazushi

Lyrics Writer

Miyakoda Kazushi & Raychell

Ending Number


Starting Episode

NX Episode 14: Are you ready to FIGHT!!

Ending Episode

NX Episode 25: Chaos of the End

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"Are you ready to FIGHT" is the twenty-third ending theme song of Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime, sung by Raychell. It's the second ending song used in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT season. It made its debut on Turn 14. There is also an English version of this song that was used in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G commercial starring Milla Jovovich that will be included in the Japanese CD. It was replaced by Pleasure Stride on Turn 26.


The CD will be released on March 1st 2017. It will contain 12 tracks + 3 video clips:

Disk 1

  1. Are you ready to FIGHT?
  2. You make me feel so bad feat.大塚紗英 (Otsuka Sae)
  3. Into the love
  4. Formula for happiness
  5. Don't stop moving
  6. 逢いたい...サヨナラ (Aitai... Sayonara)
  7. Are you ready to FIGHT -English version-
  8. You make me feel so bad feat.Sae Otsuka -English version-
  9. Into the love -English version-
  10. Formula for happiness -English version-
  11. Don't stop moving -English version-
  12. Miss you never again

Disk 2

  1. Are you ready to FIGHT -Video Clip-
  2. Into the love -Video Clip-
  3. Are you ready to FIGHT -Making Clip-





Are you ready to fight ep 14-22

The typo (above) and the correction (below)

  • The lyrics has some references to the Nubatama clan, probably because Kazumi Onimaru was the antagonist in this arc.
  • In the anime, there's a typo in the lyrics written in the song, in which is written "Can you feeilng? Okey" instead of "Can you feeling? Okey". It was later corrected by Turn 22.
  • It is the second time when song has an english version but isn't used in the dub. The first was "Believe in my existence" by JAM Project.
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