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Asaka Narumi was a minor antagonist of the first arc of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), and is a minor character in the second arc. She was an executive member of Foo Fighter, and treats her cardfights as performances. She becomes a PSYqualia Zombie in the second arc of the V Series anime, albeit only for a short while, and helps out at Card Capital while the rest of the cast deals with the rest of the Zombies.


She is in love with and dedicates herself to Ren Suzugamori. She enjoys cardfighting, and even acts like an entertainer when cardfighting. She also enjoys toying with her opponents.


She wears a purple, leather, long-sleeved romper, with matching leather choker and leather knee-length boots. Her romper has silver accents and white cuffs, while a silver belt and gold buckle hang around her waist. She also wears pink bows on her hips, one bow on each. She has long blue hair, and her eyes are a similar shade of blue. An elongated teardrop-shaped earring hangs from each of her ears. She tends to wear her Fukuhara High School female uniform in the second arc.

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