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Quick Shield with the music's card frame

BanG Dream! (バンドリ Bandori) is a clan associated with no nation, which has Imaginary Gift Force icon. It's a collaboration clan, consisting of characters from the BanG Dream! franchise.


This clan has access to a unique type of order card known as music, which has its own pink-colored card frame in addition to special mechanics. Otherwise, each band has its own playstyle.

  • Poppin'Party: Manipulating critical triggers, such as revealing them for effects, returning them from the drop zone to hand or placing them on top of the deck.
  • Afterglow: Resting their rear-guards in order to activate abilities during the main phase, then re-stand rear-guards to be able to attack or for additional attacks.
  • Pastel*Palettes: Placing as many Pastel*Palettes as possible into the soul and unlocking powerful effects once enough cards are in the soul.
  • Roselia: Coming soon.
  • Hello, Happy World!: Returning their rear-guards back to the hand during the battle phase, then call them back out again in order to get additional attacks.
  • RAISE A SUILEN: Gaining powerful effects based on the number of music cards in the drop zone, using milling and discarding effects to quickly fill the drop zone with music.

In addition, each band has its own "music composer", who allows to play a music from deck or drop zone by paying a cost, as long as an order was not played during the same turn.



Name Type Description
Afterglow Unique
Hello, Happy World! Unique
Pastel*Palettes Unique
Poppin'Party Unique
Roselia Unique

Sets containing BanG Dream! Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Title Booster 01: BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 60

List of BanG Dream! Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Always Start, Ran Mitake Afterglow
Best Live! Heal Trigger
Dream Start, Aya Maruyama Pastel*Palettes
Everyone Made the Number One Stage! Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Glittering Memories! Critical Trigger
Heart Thumping Dream! Draw Trigger
Heart Thumping Start, Kasumi Toyama Poppin'Party
Start Bell, Yukina Minato Roselia
World Start, Kokoro Tsurumaki Hello, Happy World!

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Big-sisterly Disposition, Tomoe Udagawa Afterglow
BLACK SHOUT Roselia Normal order music
Delivering Smiles, DJ Michelle Hello, Happy World!
Double Rainbow Poppin'Party Normal order music
Dyeing World, Yukina Minato Roselia
Egao no Orchestra! Hello, Happy World! Normal order music
Forward-looking Smile, Kanon Matsubara Hello, Happy World!
Friend Feelings, Arisa Ichigaya Poppin'Party
Hating Lose, Ran Mitake Afterglow
Little Demonic Lord, Ako Udagawa Roselia
Loving Everybody! Kokoro Tsurumaki Hello, Happy World!
Mechanic Drummer, Maya Yamato Pastel*Palettes
PoPiPa's Coordinator, Saya Yamabuki Poppin'Party
Refreshing Research, Rinko Shirokane Roselia
R • I • O • T RAISE A SUILEN Normal order music
Samurai Heart, Eve Wakamiya Pastel*Palettes
Shuwarin☆Drea~min Pastel*Palettes Normal order music
"Strongest Music" CHU² RAISE A SUILEN
Tsugurific! Tsugumi Hazawa Afterglow
Sparkling Star, Kasumi Toyama Poppin'Party
Very Hardworking, Aya Maruyama Pastel*Palettes
Y.O.L.O!!!!! Afterglow Normal order music

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Always Natural, Tae Hanazono Poppin'Party
"Blossoming Talent" LOCK RAISE A SUILEN
BRAVE JEWEL Roselia Normal order music
Burning Heart, Ran Mitake Afterglow
Bursting Smile, Hagumi Kitazawa Hello, Happy World!
Childish Idol, Aya Maruyama Pastel*Palettes
Genius Girl, Hina Hikawa Pastel*Palettes
"Infinite Seven Hues" PAREO RAISE A SUILEN
Kizuna Music♪ Poppin'Party Normal order music
Miss Hardworker, Rimi Ushigome Poppin'Party
Mood Maker, Himari Uehara Afterglow
Outflowing Passion, Lisa Imai Roselia
Overflowing Execution, Kasumi Toyama Poppin'Party
Player of Silence, Sayo Hikawa Roselia
Quiet Enthusiasm, Yukina Minato Roselia
Scarlet Sky Afterglow Normal order music
Sekai Nobbinobi Treasure! Hello, Happy World! Normal order music
Smiling Hurricane! Kokoro Tsurumaki Hello, Happy World!
Smiling Noble, Kaoru Seta Hello, Happy World!
Stoic Idol, Chisato Shirasagi Pastel*Palettes
Super My Pace, Moca Aoba Afterglow
UNSTOPPABLE (card) RAISE A SUILEN Normal order music
Yura-Yura Ring-Dong-Dance Pastel*Palettes Normal order music

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Blue Rose Diva, Yukina Minato Roselia Force
Egao•Sing•A•Song Hello, Happy World! Normal order music
EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!' RAISE A SUILEN Normal order music
FIRE BIRD Roselia Normal order music
Kyu~mai*flower Pastel*Palettes Normal order music
Glittering Stage, Kasumi Toyama Poppin'Party Force
Important Friends, Ran Mitake Afterglow Force
On Stage! Kokoro Tsurumaki Hello, Happy World! Force
ON YOUR MARK Afterglow Normal order music
Returns Poppin'Party Normal order music
Stacked Feelings, Aya Maruyama Pastel*Palettes Force
"Supreme Diva" LAYER RAISE A SUILEN Force

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