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Bermuda Triangle Emblem

Bermuda Triangle (バミューダトライアングル Bamyūda Toraianguru) is a clan from the nation of Magallanica that consists of mermaid pop idols. Bermuda Triangle was also the first clan given an extra booster set that was completely centered around them, and are unique in that nearly all of their cards are released in Extra and Clan Booster Sets. In the lore, this clan is generally left alone during times of war and strife, and thus spend their time on becoming famous pop idols for the world to enjoy. In the events of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series, the student council president has become popular due to her voice apparently having the power to summon deities from the heavens, as well as other entities.


What is Bermuda Triangle

"Bermuda Triangle" is the globally popular mermaid idol group which is active in the deep seas of marine nation "Magallanica". Their skills of singing and charming magic are their selling point, and it is difficult to obtain their sea surface live shows' tickets. It is said that the days their lives are globally broadcast are days where no bullets are shot in any place of the world.

"Triangle Academy", the Idols' Gateway to Success (Monthly Bushiroad July 2015)

"Triangle Academy", the Idols' Gateway to Success, is an academic institute established for the purpose of cultivating top idols of the next generation, and only chosen girls who have finished their cadet period are permitted to enter the academy. It is said that this academy holds two secret treasures left by the founders. "Twinkle Powder", the mysterious powder which could grant "legs" to mermaids by sprinkling over their tails. "Prism Pearl", the magical pearls that allows mermaids to produce their "voices" on land. The two secret treasures are granted to the teams who win "School Etoile Festa (a.k.a. SEF)", the annual live event in the academy. In addition, the winning team can go to a foreign nation they choose (limited to friendly nations) and perform live events in that nation. Because the nations would send top-level security teams which all members possess strength equal to those of knightly orders' masters, no harm would be dealt to the idols even if they are involved in troubles. Some treat this opportunity as stepping stones to raise their popularities, some treat this opportunity as mere chances to travel to nations they wish to go---this is varied. Nevertheless, it is no mistake that winning in SEF is the first and biggest target of the academy's idols.

What is the "Wedding Project"? (Monthly Bushiroad July 2016)

It is a big event held every decade in "Bermuda Triangle". Omitting trivial regulations and simply to put, it is an event which idols dress in wedding dresses and take part in various events. From top idols to newcomers, all idols who have debuted can fact, it can be considered a popularity poll of all "Bermuda Triangle" idols. The wedding project is not dominated by top idols, and there are many cases that newcomer idols being chosen. As the Wedding Project is launched, all production agencies stake their prestiges and try their very best with their respective idols to strive for votes.


The clan's playstyle revolves primarily around returning your units from the field to the hand in order to re-assemble your field or gain effects, similar to how many vocal groups and choirs utilize different vocal ranges for their sounds. Most effects related to returning these units to hand involves gaining additional power and drawing more cards. A good reason for re-assembling columns would be having them become in "Harmony" to gain even more effects and power from each other. They also often have effects that call cards from the hand to open RG spaces, synergyzing with the return to hand effects to gain extra attacks.

Each archetype is centered around a certain troop or idol, with varying effects. The PR♥ISMs are the musical troop that follows the core mechanics of Bermuda Triangle the most. They bounce their own members to gain a lot of power while also superior calling them from the hand for more power or attacks.

Lauris is the president of the idol school "Triangle Academy", and has the greatest focus on the "Harmony" keyword.

The Duo troop can be seen as having a focus on solos, as their effects are name-based, requiring multiple copies of the same card in order to activate their effects.

Pacifica is an idol that powers up based on having multiple versions of herself in your hand.

Riviere is an idol Ride Chain that focuses on giving her supporters power while also drawing when successfully completing the chain.

Coral is another idol ride chain that focuses on putting cards into the soul to increase the G units' effects.

Raindear is an idol that has a focus on the trigger zone. More specifically, trigger checking other "Raindear" cards, as well as her supporters, in order to gain more drive checks.

The Chouchou troop has a different approach, where instead of powering up based on returning cards to the hand, they power up by returning them to the bottom of the deck instead. This is followed by a barrage of powered multi attacks if you can afford it.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Mermaid Shared


Name Type Description
Chouchou Sub-Clan
Coral Archetype
Duo Sub-Clan
Lauris Archetype
Meer Archetype
Pacifica Archetype
PR♥ISM Sub-Clan
Raindear Archetype
Shizuku Archetype
Reit Archetype
Riviere Archetype
Tirua Archetype

Sets containing Bermuda Triangle cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Booster Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls 4

Extra Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Extra Booster: Banquet of Divas 35
Extra Booster: Dazzling Divas 35
Extra Booster: Divas Duet 35
G Clan Booster 1: Academy of Divas 40
G Clan Booster 3: Blessing of Divas 45
G Clan Booster 5: Prismatic Divas 60
G Clan Booster 7: Divas' Festa 50

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
G Trial Deck 14: Debut of the Divas 19

Extra Collections

Set Name No. of Cards
Fighters Collection 2013 2
Fighters Collection 2014 2
Fighters Collection 2015 2
Fighters Collection 2015 Winter 2
Fighters Collection 2016 2
Revival Collection Vol. 1 4
Fighters Collection 2017 3
Revival Collection Vol. 2 3
Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019 2
Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020 2

Special Products

Set Name No. of Cards
Mermaid Idol Summer Set 9
Blessing of Divas Supply Set 3

List of Bermuda Triangle cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Angelic Star, Coral Mermaid
Aqua Light, Ardel Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Caravel Mermaid
Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Riviere Mermaid
Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku Mermaid
Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddell Mermaid
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Sapphire Mermaid
Cherished Phrase, Reina Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Chouchou, Amalia Mermaid
Chouchou, Hulala Mermaid
Chouchou, Ietta Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Chouchou, Meret Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Chouchou, Merluse Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Chouchou, Milena Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Chouchou, Namig Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Chouchou, Pitte Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Chouchou, Putilna Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Chouchou, Richell Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Chouchou, Roberta Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Chouchou, Sasha Mermaid
Chouchou, Serah Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Cold Eye, Sara Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Colorful Smiling, Fratte Mermaid
Comical Rainie Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Cooking Caspi Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Costume Change, Alk Mermaid
Dancing Designer, Lauren Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Dinky Echoes, Parra Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Dolphin Friend, Plage Mermaid
Dreamer Dreamer, Kruk Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Drive Quartet, Bubblin Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Drive Quartet, Flows Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Drive Quartet, Ressac Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Drive Quartet, Shuplu Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Duo Cotton Sleeper, Ichika Mermaid
Duo Grampus Turn, Shannon Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Duo Love Joker, Chulym Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Duo Lovers Singer, Darling Mermaid
Duo Minimum Truth, Rhone Mermaid
Duo Morning Charm, Liffey Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Duo Night Wing, Tangariro Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Duo Pride Crown, Madeira Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Duo Soulful Melody, Selenga Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Duo Treasure Hunter, Suwannee Mermaid
Duo Tropical Healer, Medjerda Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Finger Magic, Mako Mermaid
First Lesson, Akari Mermaid
Friend of the Star, Mimosa Mermaid
Gunslinger Star, Florida Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Happy Roots, Sandy Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Heartful Ale, Fundy Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Impact Punch! Michiru Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Jump on the Water! Amelie Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Little Pride, Honoka Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Lover of Hearts, Penelotta Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Morning Impact, Lyps Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Mystery Smile, Aral Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Mystical Motion, La Theta Mermaid
Negative Addict, Villetta Mermaid
Popping Melody, Layla Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
PR♥ISM-Duo, Tisza Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Image, Sunshine Clear Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
PR♥ISM-Miracle, Adria Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
PR♥ISM-Miracle, Canary Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
PR♥ISM-Miracle, Irish Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
PR♥ISM-Miracle, Timor Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
PR♥ISM-Smile, Coro Mermaid
Punpun Bulge, Mahaka Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Restful Music, Lumie Mermaid
Seedling Voice, Lauris Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty, Mousse Mermaid Trigger unit (Stand)
Southern Harmony, Melvy Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Sweet Allure, Riko Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Sweet-PR♥ISM, Nelum Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Sweet-PR♥ISM, Tytis Mermaid
Teacup Fairy, Ruhuna Mermaid Trigger unit (Heal)
Tiny Precious, May Mermaid
Togetoge Beat, Arty Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)
Voice of Fate, Kasumi Mermaid Trigger unit (Draw)
Wholehearted Dream, Meruru Mermaid
Wrapping Chorus, Trudy Mermaid Trigger unit (Critical)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Abundant Pink, Sedna Mermaid
Admire Successor, Lyrica Mermaid
Ambient Silence, Etosha Mermaid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Apprentice Idol, Karen Mermaid
Beware of Surprises, Almin Mermaid
Blazer Idols Mermaid
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Emeral Mermaid
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Flash Sapphire Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Chocolatier, Ronne Mermaid
Chouchou, Akina Mermaid
Chouchou, Arim Mermaid
Chouchou, Clenes Mermaid
Chouchou, Corrin Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Chouchou, Irune Mermaid
Chouchou, Malviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Marl Mermaid
Chouchou, Melare Mermaid
Chouchou, Praire Mermaid
Chouchou, Resaca Mermaid
Chouchou, Sabrina Mermaid
Chouchou, Schera Mermaid
Chouchou, Sonia Mermaid
Chouchou, Tino Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Dash Sisters, Rabel Mermaid
Duo Achievement Promise, Colima Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana Mermaid
Duo Beast Ear, Lu Lu Mermaid
Duo Caprice Cats, Marjona Mermaid
Duo Clear Parasol, Kura Mermaid
Duo Create Quill, Ilya Mermaid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Duo Dream Idol, Main Mermaid
Duo Gorgeous Lady, Kazuha Mermaid
Duo Happy Diary, Sheryl Mermaid
Duo Making Dream, Iori Mermaid
Duo Petit Etoile, Peace Mermaid
Duo Pretty Horn, Ural Mermaid
Duo Promise Day, Colima Mermaid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Duo Shiny Tone, Cikola Mermaid
Faithful Follower, Lauroca Mermaid
Fresh Star, Coral Mermaid
Friend of the Moon, Marina Mermaid
Full Throttle Idol, Lurie Mermaid
Garland Blossom, Ayna Mermaid
Hearty Dancer, Courage Mermaid
Image Master, Kukuri Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Immaculate Symbol, Fria Mermaid
Impressed Tear, Subaru Mermaid
Library Madonna, Rion Mermaid
Lunch Maker, Aika Mermaid
Magical Yell, Nina Mermaid
Mascot Lady, Oria Mermaid
Mermaid Idol, Elly Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Mermaid Idol, Felucca Mermaid
Mermaid Idol, Riviere Mermaid
Mermaid Idol, Sedna Mermaid
Mini Recital, Nakuru Mermaid
Miracle Twintail, Wyz Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Mirage Sign, Urmia Mermaid
Mirror Diva, Biscayne Mermaid
Monotone Innocence, Yuka Mermaid
Navy Dolphin, Amur Mermaid
New Song Debut, Altey Mermaid
Novel Dress, Akari Mermaid
One-round Fight, Hinata Mermaid
Pearl Sisters, Perle Mermaid
Piping Hot, Suifa Mermaid
Powerful Song, Lacol Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Aria Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
PR♥ISM-Duo, Loretta Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Yarmouk Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Image, Clear Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Promise, Leyte Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Promise, Princess Leyte Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Romance, Mercure Mermaid
Prism on the Water, Myrtoa Mermaid
Reticent Diva, Isuca Mermaid
Secret Smile, Puumo Mermaid
Slow Tempo, Lorbia Mermaid
Superb New Student, Shizuku Mermaid
Sweet Paradise, Manya Mermaid
Sweet-PR♥ISM, Rupina Mermaid
Sweets Harmony, Mona Mermaid
Talent of Perseverance, Shandee Mermaid
Tidal Art, Marie Mermaid
Transcend Idol, Aqua Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Turquoise Blue, Tyrrhenia Mermaid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Active Pink, Larana Mermaid
Admired Sparkle, Spica Mermaid
Afternoon Tea Party, Couver Mermaid
Applause Flower, Palche Mermaid
Artless Charmy, Wakana Mermaid
Attractive Glow, Sandy Mermaid
Brilliant Ocean, Elly Mermaid
Chouchou, Ayana Mermaid
Chouchou, Blanche Mermaid
Chouchou, Darina Mermaid
Chouchou, Lirun Mermaid
Chouchou, Listella Mermaid
Chouchou, Milda Mermaid
Chouchou, Nanane Mermaid
Chouchou, Ranfa Mermaid
Chouchou, Selviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Suguri Mermaid
Chouchou, Torua Mermaid
Diva of Clear Waters, Izumi Mermaid
Dreaming Idol, Karen Mermaid
Dreaming Step, Shizuku Mermaid
Dream Team, Dios Mermaid
Duo Beloved Child of the Sea Palace, Minamo Mermaid
Duo Blue Marine Chateau, Thames Mermaid
Duo Creamy Caramel, Cornet Mermaid
Duo Dream Idol, Sana Mermaid
Duo Falling Heart, Quancy Mermaid
Duo Fantasia, Lamry Mermaid
Duo Kelpie Jockey, Syr Darya Mermaid
Duo Lovely Devil, Vepar Mermaid
Duo Magical Mic, Shalwien Mermaid
Duo Memorial Days, Sheryl Mermaid
Duo Mini Heart, Rhone Mermaid
Duo Stream Showtime, Paytonia Mermaid
Duo Toy Box, Menam Mermaid
Duo White Crystal, Ricca Mermaid
Eager Envy, Marronnier Mermaid
Eternal Memory, Lorens Mermaid
Friend of the Sun, Marlkka Mermaid
Gift of Effort, Shandee Mermaid
Girls' Rock, Rio Mermaid
Happy Ears, Melovil Mermaid
Hard Stroke, Linwell Mermaid
Ideal Walking Weather, Emilia Mermaid
Inactive Pretty, Yuyuka Mermaid
Inspect Sisters, Robel Mermaid
Intellect Polish, Sena Mermaid
Intelli-beauty, Loire Mermaid
Intelli-idol, Melville Mermaid
Interesting Hope, Shiratsuyu Mermaid
Invite Roaring, Inray Mermaid
Light Blue Heartbeat, Myrtoa Mermaid
Limpid Chorus, Maylene Mermaid
Love Collect, Eleanor Mermaid
Magical Charge, Vita Mermaid
Marine Athlete, Larraya Mermaid
Maturity Talent, Salena Mermaid
Mermaid Idol, Flute Mermaid
Mystery Solving Time, Ithil Mermaid
One-stroke Art, Carla Mermaid
Orient-PR♥ISM, Ayari Mermaid
Pearl Sisters, Perla Mermaid
Prestige, Cetia Mermaid
Pretty Celeb, Charlotte Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Avon Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Slaney Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Image, Rosa Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Image, Sunshine Rosa Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Promise, Princess Celtic Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Romance, Lumiere Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Smile, Ligurian Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Smile, Scotia Mermaid
Shiny Star, Coral Mermaid
Shyness Laguna, Lapla Mermaid
Snow White of the Corals, Claire Mermaid
Super Idol, Riviere Mermaid
Top Gear Idol, Sanya Mermaid
Top Idol, Aqua Mermaid
Trend Leader, Felucca Mermaid
Tsundere Rival, Ruruka Mermaid
Unbelievagirl, Potpourri Mermaid
Victory Appeal, Filie Mermaid
Wonder Frill, Nanoka Mermaid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Aurora Star, Coral Mermaid
Aurora Star, Coral (Stride Bonus) Mermaid
Bermuda Princess, Lena Mermaid
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Garnet Mermaid
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Glister Emeral Mermaid
Cheerfully Etoile, Olyvia Mermaid
Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua Mermaid
Chouchou, Lucille Mermaid
Chouchou, Melviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Muritz Mermaid
Chouchou, Parral Mermaid
Chouchou, Pierine Mermaid
Chouchou, Piorina Mermaid
Chouchou, Verne Mermaid
Costume Idol, Alk Mermaid
Dancing Fan Princess, Minato Mermaid
Delight Genius, Ange Mermaid
Dream Team, Madre Mermaid
Dual Oculus, Lumisia Mermaid
Duo Delicious Girl, Ciao Mermaid
Duo Eternal Sister, Meer Mermaid
Duo Falling Heart, Victoria Mermaid
Duo Flower Girl, Lily Mermaid
Duo Lady Canotier, Salinas Mermaid
Duo Lovely Angel, Nemuel Mermaid
Duo Sprinkle Light, Priani Mermaid
Duo Stage Storm, Iori Mermaid
Duo Sweet Rhythm, Vilaine Mermaid
Duo Temptation, Reit Mermaid
Duo True Sister, Meer Mermaid
Epochal Model, Shibuki Mermaid
Eternal Idol, Pacifica Mermaid
Full Bright Wish, Shizuku Mermaid
Great Ascent, Liddy Mermaid
Little Princess, Himari Mermaid
Magical Center, Nina Mermaid
Miracle Voice, Lauris Mermaid
Orient-PR♥ISM, Karina Mermaid
Peaceful Voice, Raindear Mermaid
Planet Idol, Pacifica Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Image, Vert Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Romance, Etoile Mermaid
Rainbow Light, Carine Mermaid
Ring Arpeggio, Mikoto Mermaid
Rising Star, Trois Mermaid
Shangri-La Star, Coral Mermaid
Shining Singer, Ionia Mermaid
Sincere Girl, Liddy Mermaid
Skillful Performer, Minori Mermaid
Sparkle in Her Heart, Spica Mermaid
Splash Daughter, Rachel Mermaid
Spirited Star, Trois Mermaid
Super Idol, Ceram Mermaid
Top Idol, Flores Mermaid
Top Idol, Pacifica Mermaid
Top Idol, Riviere Mermaid
Traditional Fighter, Ku-nyan Mermaid
Velvet Voice, Raindear Mermaid
Velvet Voice, Raindear (Stride Bonus) Mermaid
Whitely Noble, Fantine Mermaid
Wonderful Voice, Lauris Mermaid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Arcadia Star, Coral Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Blessed Sparkle, Sandy Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Brand-New-PR♥ISM, Shining Garnet Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Celebrate Voice, Lauris Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou Cradle Lullaby, Milena Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Engage Lead, Platy Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Headliner, Lapria Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou, Lillinel Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou Lively Icon, Ilya Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou, Palffy Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Popular Favor, Tirua Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Dearly Desired Grand Stage, Shandee Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Diva of Salvation, Lucrèce Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Duo Absolute Sister, Meer Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Amazing Sister, Meer Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Everlasting, Reit Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Idol Emperal, Kuna Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Fantastic Passion☆, Pacifica Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Festal Finale, Final Priscilla Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Fluffy Ribbon, Somni Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Flying Mermaid, Frederica Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Frontier Star, Coral Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Hand in Hand, Leona Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Highest Society, Citron Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Legendary Idol, Riviere Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Legend of the Glass Shoe, Amoris Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Lucky Rise, Elprina Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Luxury Wave, Elly Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Maximum Rapture, Lucia Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Orient-PR♥ISM, Kaname Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Perfect Performance, Ange Mermaid G unit (Stride)
PR♥ISM-Image, Sunshine Vert Mermaid G unit (Stride)
PR♥ISM-Promise, Princess Labrador Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Radiate Ocean, Heltrauda Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Sailor's Medley, Nasha Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
School Etoile, Olyvia Mermaid G unit (Stride)
School Student Council President, Alk Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Song of Gracious, Raindear Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Splendid Fortune, Shizuku Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Twinkle Happiness☆, Pacifica Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Valuable Verve, Federica Mermaid G unit (Stride)


  • In the Jounetsu-ism ending of the anime, the deck that the viewer uses when shuffling decks with Aichi Sendou is a Bermuda Triangle deck. The deck shows to contain Mermaid Idol, Flute, Top Idol, Aqua, Top Idol, Riviere, and finally Top Idol, Pacifica.
  • This clan is named after the Bermuda Triangle, a region of the ocean infamous for its ship and aircraft disappearances. This may also be the inspiration for Bermuda Triangle's mechanics, as Bermuda Triangle frequently returns its units to the hand, which can be characterized as "disappearing".
  • This is one of the two clans, the other being Megacolony, to consist of only one race (in this case, Mermaid).
  • Most Bermuda Triangle units are named after bodies of water, or terms referring to bodies of water. For example, Top Idol, Pacifica is named after the Pacific Ocean, Top Idol, Riviere is named after river, and Duo True Sister, Meer is named after the Dutch word for lake, meer.
  • The Drive Quartets are named as such because they consist of four (hence the Quartet) triggers (hence the Drive).
  • Bermuda Triangle is one of 2 clans which do not have a Яeverse unit.