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Bermuda Triangle (バミューダトライアングル Bamyūda Toraianguru) is a clan from the nation of Co mega Magallanica, which has Imaginary Gift Force icon. This clan consists of mermaid pop idols. Also has its own anime adaptation, known as Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale.


Bermuda Triangle focuses on having a full field that overwhelms the opponent with high-powered attacks. Their primary source of power is the Melody Keyword, which allows all of the units that have the keyword to share their abilities. This can lead to a multitude of different effects affecting the entire field, such as massive power-ups, gaining the ability to intercept, or having on-hit pressure.

The alternate focus is based around Grade 4 units that, when ridden, force the player to reveal 10 cards from the top of their deck, but in doing so, if all of the Normal Units revealed are different, the player can gain amazing abilities as a result.

Bermuda Triangle has the Imaginary Gift Force, which allows them to make their attacks even stronger or add criticals for extra pressure on every powerful attack.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Mermaid Shared Enchanting inhabitants of the sea.

Sets containing Bermuda Triangle Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 05: Primary Melody 45
V Extra Booster 11: Crystal Melody 48

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
V Trial Deck 08: Schokolade Melody 14

List of Bermuda Triangle Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Angelic Star, Coral Mermaid
Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Riviere Mermaid
Canon Mermaid
Caro Mermaid
Direct Sign, Pursh Mermaid Critical Trigger
Dockin' Shooter, Pellea Mermaid Critical Trigger
Fina Mermaid
Glittery Baby, Lene Mermaid Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Handmade Lover, Elena Mermaid Heal Trigger
Joyful A la Carte, Irma Mermaid Draw Trigger
Lover Hope, Rina Mermaid Critical Trigger
Max Shout, Culie Mermaid
Pure Gifter, Aliche Mermaid
Serena Mermaid
Sonata Mermaid

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
5 Together, Canon Mermaid
5 Together, Caro Mermaid
5 Together, Fina Mermaid
5 Together, Serena Mermaid
5 Together, Sonata Mermaid
Admirative Solo, Atri Mermaid
Affable Wash, Thecla Mermaid
Anybody Like, Lahti Mermaid
Best of Best, Isabella Mermaid
Carmine Jewel, Vista Mermaid
Crawl-up Girl, Est Mermaid
Dance Queen, Prach Mermaid
Deliberate Bash, Strasica Mermaid
Electro Techno, Thiko Mermaid
Equable Career, Spiana Mermaid
Erudite Euphony, Lanante Mermaid
Favored Child Idol, Eno Mermaid
Fluffy Wonder, Preenez Mermaid
Fresh Star, Coral Mermaid
Happy Springer, Ruor Mermaid
Innocent Dance, Plitt Mermaid
Intact Parasol, Enis Mermaid Sentinel
Lavender Missy, Lapro Mermaid
Loftiest Pier, Evge Mermaid
Lovable Spontaneity, Voll Mermaid
Mermaid Idol, Riviere Mermaid
Mid Vocal, Eonir Mermaid
Mini Mini Sparkle, Parum Mermaid
Novice Idol, Piena Mermaid
Officious Luscious, Thoria Mermaid
Pearl Sisters, Perle Mermaid
Prominent Personality, Terminer Mermaid
Rainy Tear, Stezza Mermaid
Self-Management, Ralentesse Mermaid
Silent Ardor, Solda Mermaid
Special Message, Ourora Mermaid
Suave Heart, Lilly Mermaid Sentinel
Sugary Lordling, Ravoure Mermaid
Together Sensation, Caerin Mermaid
Top Star, Cier Mermaid
Topping Mascot, Serio Mermaid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Blue-Silver Diva, Brume Mermaid
Boistered Elegance, Leshar Mermaid
Charging Ache, Metre Mermaid
Charming Make, Piaoliang Mermaid
Choco Love Heart, Liselotte Mermaid
Class Session, Ostina Mermaid
Concealed Bitter, Enes Mermaid
Crowning Partner, Abanne Mermaid
Dedicated Feelings, Altere Mermaid
Devoted Time, Inasta Mermaid
Feeling Hide, Rilm Mermaid
Fleeting Memoria, Aktiana Mermaid
Fluffy Fantasy, Myaf Mermaid
Flustered Idol, Fretta Mermaid
Friendly High-Touch, Scioltia Mermaid
From Colorful Pastorale, Canon Mermaid
From Colorful Pastorale, Caro Mermaid
From Colorful Pastorale, Fina Mermaid
From Colorful Pastorale, Sonata Mermaid
From Colorful Pastorale, Serena Mermaid
Full of Mischievousness, Sirrah Mermaid
Greenness Energy, Salia Mermaid
Live in Utopia, Luka Mermaid
Masterly Cover, Minne Mermaid
Pearl Sisters, Perla Mermaid
Repeat Again, Pota Mermaid
Reverberator, Dies Mermaid
Riddle Mysteria, Luvene Mermaid
Ruby Sensation, Leisis Mermaid
Scramble Red, Eilend Mermaid
Shapely Eyes, Ruhe Mermaid
Shiny Star, Coral Mermaid
Social Fig, Intime Mermaid
Strive Dream, Radue Mermaid
Super Hit Medley, Paterle Mermaid
Super Idol, Riviere Mermaid
Tide Conductor, Ekhos Mermaid
Up Up Flight, Rigore Mermaid
Welcome Sing, Ouvil Mermaid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Animated Rooting, Marijan Mermaid Force
Aurora Star, Coral Mermaid Force
Bubble Dream, Perisia Mermaid
Colorful Pastorale, Canon Mermaid Force
Colorful Pastorale, Caro Mermaid Force
Colorful Pastorale, Fina Mermaid Force
Colorful Pastorale, Serena Mermaid Force
Colorful Pastorale, Sonata Mermaid Force
Fixation on Cuteness, Paparla Mermaid
Full Full Appeal, Farlull Mermaid Force
Glaring Moon, Miera Mermaid Force
Graceful Prayer, Amie Mermaid Force
Refined Poiser, Urszula Mermaid Force
Silver Singer, Cutire Mermaid Force
Top Idol, Pacifica Mermaid Force
Top Idol, Riviere Mermaid Force
Trouble Varidol, Pressiv Mermaid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Crystal Pop Star, Eve Mermaid Force
Diva of Atlantea, Iryna Mermaid Force
Heart Monopoly, Anezka Mermaid Force
Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura Mermaid Force

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