• Nikon94

    A new Strategy Presentation has been announced for January 22, 2020. Prepare yourself and enjoy!

    • Official link:

    Please don't lose your mind for this.

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  • SpectualKreed

    To be completed

    G0- Spring Breeze Messenger





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  • SpectualKreed

    G0- Beast Deity, White Tiger


    • x 4 Wall Boy
    • x 4 Twin Blader
    • x 2 Cannon Ball
    • x 2 Turboraizer
    • x 1 Eight-language Announcer, Blabber
    • x 3 Ord Anchor

    G3 (9)

    • x 3  Beast Deity, Azure Dragon
    • x 3 Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon
    • x 2 Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon
    • x 1 Powered Trooper, Shing

    G2 (12)

    • x 4 Kick Kick Typhoon
    • x 4 Fusing Striker
    • x 4 Brutal Jack


    • x 3 Star-fighter, Silver Fist
    • x 3 Grit Bengal
    • x 3 Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird
    • x 2 Beast Deity, Glanz Dragon
    • x 1 Unknown Adamski
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  • Fenris Wolfbrother


    November 23, 2019 by Fenris Wolfbrother

    Ok so this blog is dedicated to figuring out where the titans of Legendary Pictures Monsterverse would fit in with the nations of Planet Cray.

    1st the basics, with the exclusion of Ghidorah, all of the titans from the alphas (godzilla and mothra), to those like behemoth, the mutos, kong, skullcrawlers, rodan and methuselah are all prehistoric creatures from the past who've through deep hibernation have managed to survive to the present. When awake and active all of the titans with ghidorah again being the exception promote the growth and prosperity of life plant and animal alike, both on land, the air, and underwater. They also absorb excess radiation from radiation soaked areas in the films, this essentially makes them the planets immune s…

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  • KingPete1922

    My Love Letter To Great Nature


    I am a proud Singaporean and Great Nature player. I have been playing Great Nature ever since it first released back on July 7th, 2012. I have always been drawn towards the cuteness yet coolness of the animals of the clan. They have cards varying from the lovable Hammsukes, which can finally have a strong premium deck, to the epicness and coolness of the best stride the clan will ever get, Omniscience Dragon, Balaurl. The card flavors also caught my attention. They weren't focused on some anime trope. Rather, they have been pieces of knowledge that often provided deep insight into the meaning of life, the pursuit of knowledge and wonder.

    They were a class above all other clans in my eyes; simply because…

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  • Terry the Cat

    Makoto began to fade in and out of consciousness while in Convexity. Every time he opened his eyes, he would see Chronojet Dragon there in front of him. One time, when he opened his eyes, he heard a couple of voices.

    "Makoto!" screamed the cat with the helicopter tail.

    "Please, Makoto!" added the rabbit with the speaker ears. "You can't lose now! If you do, the planet Cray will disappear!" Both units were tearing up at the sight of the one who chose to fight for Cray, barely alive, struggling to retain consciousness.

    "She's right," the cat continued. "We've got friends and family across the world. Both in our clan and outside the clan. If you lose, all of that disappears."

    "Baka! Wake up!"

    "Friends…" Makoto tried to say. "Family…"

    "Makoto!" The …

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  • SpectualKreed

    G0- Black Curse, Muriel

    Triggers (16)

    • x 4 Sunny Smile Angel v 
    • x 4 Pinky Denturist
    • x 2 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza v
    • x 3 Surgery Angel
    • x 1 Doctoroid Refros
    • x 2 Battle Cupid, Nociel

    G3 (7)

    • x 4 Black Shock, Gavrail Prim
    • x 3 Black Shiver, Gavrail

    G2 (14)

    • x 4 Freezing Granter
    • x 4 Nurse of Broken Heart
    • x 3 Hygienist Angel
    • x 2 Black Carve, Ezezel
    • x 1 Black Dream, Zabaniya

    G1 (12)

    •  x 4 Healthful Intendant
    • x 2 Black Call, Nakir
    • x 2 Black Bomber, Maalik
    • x 2 Black Prepare, Arakiba
    • x 2 Black Mixer, Hiniel

    G-Units (12)

    • x 4 Fanatic Seraph, Gavrail Eden
    • x 2 Black Seraph, Gavrail
    • x 3 Holy Seraph, Altiel
    • x 1 Evangel Seraph, Raphael Mitra
    • x 1 Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima
    • x 1 Progenitor Dragon of Total Purity, Agnos

    G-guards (4)

    • x 2 Holy Seraph, Suriel
    • x 1 Holy Seraph, Parashel
    • x 1…

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  • Terry the Cat

    "Stand and draw, then ride!!! Lost Break Dragon!!!" Rex declared. "Then call! Gun-bezel Dragon!"

    He keeps using the same strategy against me that he used against Reiji… Makoto thought to himself. Better keep my guard up…

    "I attack your vanguard!" Rex told Makoto.

    "No guard…"

    "Drive Check, Critical Trigger!"

    "Not good…"

    "I give the power to Gun-bezel, and the critical to the vanguard!"

    "Damage check… second check.. Heal Trigger! Power to the vanguard." Makoto managed to keep himself to two damage with that heal. However, he felt a great pain in his chest. Clutching it in agony, he asked, "What's the big deal?"

    "Here in Convexity, our connections with our units increases hundredfold, maybe even thousandfold," Rex explained to him, smiling. "Naturally, …

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  • Mrd256

    Hello everyone. Drive 8 of Vanguard X is out.

    I also have a Discord server where we can chat about my fanfics. Feel free to join here:

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  • Generic999

    Hi I wanted to try building a decklist that focused on Pellinore, I saw some people discussing it earlier and I wanted to try it.

    I didn't include Agravain in this list mostly because I didn't think it would work very well (not that i think this will be the best GP build)

    The only goal for this list is to make the best Pellinore deck so it doesn't have to be a budget build

    starter draw pg heals 8 crits

    Haugen: 4

    Hoel: 4

    Brennius: 4

    Athels: 4

    Kahedin: 4

    Lop Ear: 2

    Providential: 2

    Rampage Turtle: 1

    Uther: 4

    Pellinore: 4

    It actually works in testing but I think it still has some big weaknesses.

    should cloudwing or turtle be used to make rg attacks better? should cards like sagramore and dindrane be used even though they consume soul. should that new grade 2…

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