GanicoGSx GanicoGSx 21 hours ago

I'm now 30 (and Update) - April 11, 2021

Man, hard to believe I'm now 30, along with being months since I was last active here (again), which was June of last year. Though that's being on other places like Twitter and Discord...and not having a computer for 6 months to draw digitally to help cope with post-move stress.

1. There sure has been a lot that has happened after moving to a new home in Las Vegas during July of last year (crunch time clean-up) and losing computer access to my old laptop two months afterwards. And prior to that loss, the was a CFV playgroup at Power 9 Games, the LGS I played at during visits and since I moved, that I felt invigorated playing with, in addition to playing MtG with the other playgroups. I really miss playing CFV and MtG with new IRL friends I'…

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Mrd256 Mrd256 2 days ago

Cardfight!! Vanguard X Drive 20 Released!

Hello everyone! Cardfight!! Vanguard X Drive 20 is here! You can check it out with the link below

You can leave feedback here. I hope you enjoy.

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Jesteban360 Jesteban360 9 days ago

Spanish Official Names

Bushiroad gave us an interesting surprise by putting as official Spanish subtitle for all their videos on their Youtube channel starting today with the first chapter of OverDress and the tutorial video of the game. So as a fan born in one of the Spanish speaking countries. I made it my mission to put the official terms in Spanish in this blog. Some things like the type of trigger, some special terms, the unit/order names are kept in English to avoid confusion for fans.

  • Unit Cards - Cartas de Unidad
  • Order Cards - Cartas de Orden
  • Normal Units - Unidades Normales
  • Trigger Units - Unidades Trigger
  • Grade - Grado
  • Power - Poder
  • Shield - Escudo
  • Critical - Critico
  • Deck - Mazo
  • Principal Deck - Mazo Principal
  • Ride Deck - Mazo Ride
  • Field - Campo
  • Vanguard Circle - C…
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Mrd256 Mrd256 11 days ago

Cardfight!! Vanguard GV Turn 4 Released!

Hello everyone! Vanguard GV Remake Turn 4 is here! You can check it out below

If you want to join my discord server where we discuss this series, as well as my other fanfic series, you can join using this link (This link will expire 24 hours after this post was made)

Or you can leave feedback here. Either way, hope you enjoy the chapter :)

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Exarch-of-Sechrima Exarch-of-Sechrima 11 days ago

Off-Topic: Exarch's Obscure Romance Manga Recommendation of the Month 15

This is an adorable romance that I found, with only 20 chapters for a nice, short, completed story. Something you can finish in a warm-hearted afternoon.

Title: Itoshi no Karin

Author: HORI Inko

Date: 2016

Status: Complete

Chapters: 20

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life


Yutaka Hanagasaki is just a normal man from a rural town working as a gardener at a theme park in the big city. He loves flowers dearly, but the flower he admires the most is the lovely Merun-chan, the park mascot, who he gazes upon from afar. The happiest part of his day is sharing the bus home with her late at night, even though he can never build up the courage to talk to his crush. Then, one day, the rain is pouring and Merun-chan forgot her umbrella…

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Nikon94 Nikon94 13 days ago

Bushiroad Presentation 12-5-2021

A new Strategy Presentation has been announced for May 12nd at 14:00 hours. Prepare yourself and enjoy! Don't miss it! The knight appears. When you side~.

  • Official link: TBA

Please don't lose your mind for this.

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Nikon94 Nikon94 15 days ago

Latest Favorite Decks

Before starting the new era, I have decided to share my favorite decks from series so far. As you will see, I don't play Premium Standard, not even one (the last time I remember, it was with a Zarzan deck). While I have some above others, I enjoy playing any of these, and also other decks that I haven't played yet, so my apologies for that. Lastly, I only have Cardfight Area to play.

Fianna is burned.

You can share those of yours as well!

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LostEnd LostEnd 18 days ago

overDress episode 1 mini review

For this review I'm going to do my best not to try and see this from the perspective of someone new, since this was clearly Bushi's intent.


Animation: This is the best the series has look since V episode 1, and the quality is likely to continue through the series. The short clash between Bastion and Bruce was nothing short of superb.

Fights: They exist.

New Characters: It was very refreshing seeing new faces and not having to drag around over a decade of plot. Megumi and Zakusa were immediately (and subjectively) stand outs I can't wait to see more of, and Tohya really surprised me in a good way, I didn't expect him to be so on edge for a friendly bout.


New Characters: On the other hand, some of the characters were immediate…

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Mrd256 Mrd256 20 days ago

Cardfight!! Vanguard X Drive 19 Released!

Hello everyone! The Fighter's Royal tournament in Vanguard X has finally begun! You can check out the latest chapter here:

If you're interested in joining my discord server where we discuss the fanfic and my other series, you can join here

Otherwise, you can leave a review here. Have a nice day.

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HellfireIfrit HellfireIfrit 9 March

Temporary Lore Holding Place

Throughout the world, people from every corner of Planet Cray were rejoicing.
The divine dragon had awakened. The dawn of a new era, the birth of a great hope.
Our warmly glowing sun shines on us from the middle of the sky, the divinity that has been lost for such a long time has returned to these lands.
Ah, its sublime figure rises to the heavens.
What a beautiful halo you bear on your back.
Finally, our prayers have been answered. Behold, the arrival of the brilliant future "Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon" ──

Cray Wandering!
Depicting the efforts of the woman known as the 'Pursuer of Knowledge', Cellsera.


I will leave a personal record of this time's space-time patrol here. It is just a small thing for myself.
Usually I only make official re…

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