• BioticWarlock

    A fairly cheap deck that I have much fun playing. It's likely not going to destroy many meta builds, however it's fairly consistent and has a lot of personality to it. I am pondering whether to change trigger line-up, but so far rainbow has been serving well. 

    Create clones of the Vanguard using card abilities, and temporarily change units to become extra clones. Use other abilities to give some or all clones additional power, creating high power columns, as most rearguards will share the same name as the Vanguard.

    1 x Stealth Beast, Cat Devil (Starter);

    2 x Stealth Beast, Ahead Panther (Front);

    2 x Fox Tamer, Izuna (Front);

    2 x Stealth Beast, Moon Edge (Critical);

    2 x Stealth Dragon, Zanba Rider (Critical);

    4 x Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage (Draw…

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  • Hikaru702

    Update: 20 April 2019

    Download Link (exe & apk):!Aqg0wu78lL2fvwvmIG0K39VPx0HI

    'Screenshots': '

    Update logs:

    1. Added Imaginary Gift Mode II
    2. Bugfix
    3. More bugs

    Extra logs:

    1. FPS drop is heavy on this one.
    2. AIs will now use Mode II Imaginary Gifts - except for Kaname (Oracle Think Tank TD)
    3. Haven't really changed much compared to the previous version.
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  • AdreusPlaysVanguard

    Changes will happen as I keep testing and more cards from V EB07 are revealed.

    Grade 3 x9

    Dragonic Blademaster (V) x4

    Dragonic Overlord (V) x4

    Grade 2 x11

    Berserk Dragon (V) x4

    Wyvern Strike, Doha (V) x4

    Spillover Dragon x3

    Grade 1 x14

    Sabel Dragonewt x3

    Flame of Hope, Aermo (V) x4

    Wyvern Strike, Garan (V) x4

    Lizard Soldier, Raopia x3

    Grade 0 x17

    Lizard Runner, Undeux (V) x1 SVG

    Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (V) x4 CRIT

    Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (V) x4 CRIT

    Wyvern Guard, Barri (V) x4 DRAW SENTINEL

    Dragon Monk, Genjo (V) x4 HEAL

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  • AdreusPlaysVanguard

    Still underwork and changes will be made as new support comes.

    G Zone x16

    Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma x1

    Progenitor Dragon of Lightning Flame, Gilgal x2

    Flare Arms, Ziegenburg x4

    Flare General, Dumjid Valor x2

    Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "The Purge" x1

    Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Accend Grave Dragon x1

    Divine Dragon Knight, Abd Salam x1

    Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Advance Guard Dragon x1

    Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin x3

    Grade 3 x8

    Dragonic Blademaster (V) x4

    Dragonic Blademaster, Kouen x4

    Grade 2 x11

    Berserk Dragon (V) x4

    Wyvern Strike, Doha (V) x4

    Dragon Knight, Mbudi (V) x3

    Grade 1 x14

    Lava Flow Dragon x4

    Flame of Hope, Aermo (V)  x4

    Wyvern Strike, Garan (V) x4

    Dragon Knight, Nadel x2

    Grade 0 x17

    Lizard Runner, Undeux (V) x1 SVG


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  • Hikaru702

    Since I don't know the right place to ask trivial /useless question, I'll just ask it here. Before that, I'll put these two links here as a reference to my question.

    Alright then, now, to my main questions:

    1. Is the Gift II mode accessible to normal cards with gift?
      • Example: I ride Soul Saver Dragon (V) for the first time: Can I opt for Force II as my gift and place a Critical+ to a circle?
    2. What are you ppl's thought about the new gift markers (the effect)?
      • Force II: Crit +1. Unstackable (Read: 2 Force II on a circle won't give Crit+ 2)
      • Accel II: Accel RC w/5000 Power+ (instead of 10k). Draw 1
      • Protect II: Force-like effect, but …

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  • Ki,ee21

    Premium Genesis Ideas

    April 16, 2019 by Ki,ee21

    First of all... This is just a crazy idea for what genesis could do with the new amaruda stride and its progenitor dragon. I'm well aware the best deck to utilice aphross may posible be your regular wiseman deck... but... I have enough of him... So yeah... the deck list first:

    Okay, the black sheep first. Why running at 4x the "bad" fenrir? The focus of the deck is to use the act skill of aphross to the fullest. He, having a sb cost, makes easy play around the 4 cards in soul for aphross draw 2 while giving some acess to combo pieces from the top deck. And, after flipping a fenrir face up for the cost of aphross, refounding his cb cost. Other reason for using him, would be his name, being fenrir not only grants access to gelgja and gjoll. A…

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  • BennyDonut

    I need help on how I can improve my premium murakumo deck. After reading closely on zanbaku and realizing i have been mis-playing alot the fun is gone, so now I just need help on how I can improve my deck and get that fun feel back.

    My deck list at the moment:

    Grade 4: (16)

    4x Dharma Deity of the Five Precepts, Yasuie Genma

    4x Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma

    2x Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma

    1x Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster

    1x Air Element, Sebreeze or Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Mandala Ryuou

    1x Dark Element, Dizmel (G Guardian)

    1x Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Hougen Wing (G Guardian)

    1x Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shishiyuzuki (G Guardian)

    1x Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shirahagino (G Guardian)

    Grade 3: (8)

    4x Due…

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  • Nikon94

    A live presentation in exclusive to the 3rd arc of the anime has been announced for April 18, 2019. A new Imaginary Gift ability will even be revealed. Prepare yourself and enjoy!

    • Official link:

    When you ride a unit with gift icon, you can choose whether to acquire Gift I or Gift II, only the first time you ride. However, once you have acquired one (I or II), you can only acquire the same type the next time you ride. Acquiring any gift using an ability (with Anezka), you can only get the same type (I or II) you had got by riding.

    It features these new effects.

    • Force II: Place on (VC) or (RC). Original Critical becomes 2. (Stacking doesn't increase it to 3 or 4)
    • Accel II: Place as new Accel…

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  • LostEnd

    We didn’t get to see Leadbronner when it appeared in the manga. This card never appeared in a fight and I believe only cameoed as Arc Saver was being summoned. It is in a state of limbo as a character drawn by a fan, but not really a unit.

    As for potential effects It would be fitting if it was V Shadows first Grade 4 normal unit. It would also be fitting to have a self field wipe for some crazy effect; either a restand or guard restrict, but here’s some possible effects, and remember that these are not perfected.

    Dark Vanquishing Dragon, Leadbronner

    Grade 4


    Act 1/turn: Choose one of your rest rgs and stand it.

    Auto (choose 4 of your rgs and retire them): when this unit attacks you may pay the cost if you do this unit gets 20k power and cri…

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  • HavocMeister000

    Grindblue, Shadowverse, Priconne, and other Cygames stuff, I guess. Uma Musume nerds are welcome but I'd just give up on the game at this point.

    Generic off-topic blog stuff. Also Midsword players can violently neck themselves, Belial did nothing wrong, and Mechblood needs more stuff.

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