Exarch-of-Sechrima Exarch-of-Sechrima 18 days ago

Off-Topic: Exarch's Obscure Romance Manga Recommendation of the Month 17

A romance just starting out with an interesting premise, seems worth it to wait on it.

Title: Spill It, Cocktail Nights!

Author: Takayama Toshinori

Date: 2021

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: 2

Genres: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life


In a city where people are constantly plagued by "Stressmen", people who turn into monsters due to accumulated stress, Riku Daichi is rescued by a group of heroes that fight against these Stressmen, the secretive battle maidens known as The Cocktail Nights. As a result, he falls for the handsome princely beauty Valencia, who he begins to admire from afar. However, there is one secret that Riku must keep no matter what. "Valencia"'s secret identity is Sora Amagami, Riku's best friend... who happens to be …

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British Soul British Soul 14 May

Zorga & Pals, Chapter 2

Zorga & Pals, Chapter 2: We have guests?

With Overlord (and PBD) in overDress, how could I not include them in this series.

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British Soul British Soul 13 May

V-Tales, Chapter 42

V-Tales, Chapter 42: Tonight at Six!

Remember when I said Chapter 41 was the series finale of V-Tales? That flew out of the window when Overlord is heading to overDress as an encounter card, so of course I had to make a chapter regarding it. (and yes, Overlord and PBD will be in Zorga & Pals chapter 2)

There's also the fact that I did say I was considering doing a "Premium Tales" series, but yeah...

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Uoi100 Uoi100 11 May

Returning player

Hi Everyone!

I played vanguard back in the first format and quit when they did the V Format / Reboot because I didn't like their business strategy and game design. I found out that theres a new D Format and looking at what it brings, it solves the issues I have with the old vanguard. I used to main Bermuda Triangles back in the first format and I'm happy to see that they've moved to being an idol nation so I can see more races than just mermaids.

So far in the d format I like the OverDress and prison mechanic, I also like the long overdue QoL mechanics like Guaranteed Ride I'm not sure what V Format mechanics are brought over to D format so hopefully someone can let me know what I'm missing.

I hope to play with everyone someday o/ does everyo…

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Off-Topic: Exarch's Obscure Romance Manga Recommendation of the Month 16

Here's an adorable romcom about a couple that defies common romcom tropes! It's just starting out but it's really good.

Title: A Story About a Totally Straightforward Girlfriend

Author: Kousuke Kiyomiya

Date: 2020

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: 6

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shonen, Slice of Life


Takahashi has a major crush on Shimizu, the cool tomboy well-known for always speaking her mind. Her bluntness often puts people off of her, but he finds it to be charming and attractive. So when she directly tells him "I'm into you, Takahashi-kun" he doesn't quite know what to say to his longtime crush when she's so blatantly coming onto him! Before he knows it, he's found himself in mutual love with Shimizu and the two begin going out! But …

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British Soul British Soul 22 April

Zorga & Pals, Chapter 1

Zorga & Pals, Chapter 1: Filmed before a live studio audience

I bet none of you thought I'd make a series with overDress units. (For context, the idea was inspired by a convo I had last night)

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Mrd256 Mrd256 16 April

Cardfight!! Vanguard GV Turn 5 Released!

Hello everyone! Turn 5 of Vanguard GV is now available! You can read it using the link below


I hope you enjoy it.

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GanicoGSx GanicoGSx 11 April

I'm now 30 (and Update) - April 11, 2021

Man, hard to believe I'm now 30, along with being months since I was last active here (again), which was June of last year. Though that's being on other places like Twitter and Discord...and not having a computer for 6 months to draw digitally to help cope with post-move stress.

1. There sure has been a lot that has happened after moving to a new home in Las Vegas during July of last year (crunch time clean-up) and losing computer access to my old laptop two months afterwards. And prior to that loss, the was a CFV playgroup at Power 9 Games, the LGS I played at during visits and since I moved, that I felt invigorated playing with, in addition to playing MtG with the other playgroups. I really miss playing CFV and MtG with new IRL friends I'…

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Mrd256 Mrd256 10 April

Cardfight!! Vanguard X Drive 20 Released!

Hello everyone! Cardfight!! Vanguard X Drive 20 is here! You can check it out with the link below


You can leave feedback here. I hope you enjoy.

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Jesteban360 Jesteban360 3 April

Spanish Official Names

Bushiroad gave us an interesting surprise by putting as official Spanish subtitle for all their videos on their Youtube channel starting today with the first chapter of OverDress and the tutorial video of the game. So as a fan born in one of the Spanish speaking countries. I made it my mission to put the official terms in Spanish in this blog. Some things like the type of trigger, some special terms, the unit/order names are kept in English to avoid confusion for fans.

  • Unit Cards - Cartas de Unidad
  • Order Cards - Cartas de Orden
  • Normal Units - Unidades Normales
  • Trigger Units - Unidades Trigger
  • Grade - Grado
  • Power - Poder
  • Shield - Escudo
  • Critical - Critico
  • Deck - Mazo
  • Principal Deck - Mazo Principal
  • Ride Deck - Mazo Ride
  • Field - Campo
  • Vanguard Circle - C…
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