• CFDrewbert

    This is a short one just to show which clans I like the most and which I like the least.  I changes a lot, tbh.  I've played irl at some point or another everything in B and above, plus some other random clans scattered throughout like Novas, Neo Nectar, and Shadows.  

    Hmm, thinking about it now, DI should probably be in B as well. Sharhrot is just too cool to be middle of the road.

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  • British Soul

    V-Tales, Chapter 27: "Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour?"

    How Promise Daughter escaped the Bind Zone is beyond me.

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  • CFDrewbert

    I'm gonna make these Vangaurd tier lists regularly I think.  Just another platform to express how my opinions are far superior to everyone elses.

    edit: there is a revised list in the comments. ignore everything else,


    G NEXT. Hands down.  Literally all of my favorite fights come from this season.  They brought Aichi back, there was an actually good boss, the animation improved, and they showed really nice character progression for not just the main trio.  Ya, ik, MIGERU was a thing.  Didn't bother me as much as it did for others.  Tokoha was already a poorly written character.  At least her fight against Chrono in the semis is still one of the best fights in VG.

    Asia Circuit: I know it gets a lot of crap for some reason.  Maybe it's just …

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  • CFDrewbert

    Wiki Admin Tier List

    April 3, 2020 by CFDrewbert

    This is where boredom has led me.  Now to explain the choices.

    SSS: Sorin is still an admin?  That fact alone makes him worthy of SSS tier.  This has to be the longest con a wiki member has managed to pull off, period.  

    A: I don't know much about Kouteii.  He seems pretty cool though.  I feel like Sol is "the people's admin".  And Vere is cool too.


    C: Ah yes, Nikocchi I appreciate the work you do for the wiki.  But I also despise how unhelpful you are in comment sections.  Learn to have fun.

    (Weeb) Trash: Don't get me wrong, Hiki and Ota are among some of my favorite admins.  They are just weeb trash tho :)

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  • Nikon94

    April Fools 2020

    April 2, 2020 by Nikon94

    I welcome you to my prank for April 1st 2020.

    • Vanguard ZERO has altered everything! I already had my prank planned until the mobile game was released. I'll save that prank for the next year.
    • The previous idea was make a lot of articles for new ZERO cards.
    • Just because this one tasted like little to me, I also made "Blaster Blade 9th Anniversary". However, the joke was not the card itself but the hidden message in the article.
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  • British Soul

    V-Tales, Chapter 26: Now Printing

    "dudes Dragonic Overlord cheated on me with" is my new favourite series right now. Also, apologies for the censorship, couldn't upload it otherwise.

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  • Hikari 93

    Yahho, Hikari-sama here~~

    I think the title says all.

    Since Vanguard Zero is going to be released globally some one week later, I thought we need a page to keep up on each other friend codes, just like in other gacha blogs.

    So here we are!

    Just put your game user name, the version of the game you're playing (JP or global), then your friend code!

    I'll then add it here. If I'm suddenly not around, I guess one of the admins can edit my blog for it, so don't worry!


    • Name:Hikihiki25
    • FC:344,556,344 (JP)
    • FC:666,667,666 (Global).

    If you're going to organize a self-made tourney, you can use these friend codes to use the friend fight option for it. you don't need friend codes, just the room id, though you can invite friend to fight.

    Credits to hellfireif…

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  • British Soul

    V-Tales, Chapter 25

    March 30, 2020 by British Soul

    V-Tales, Chapter 25: Not a GTA series by the way

    With the "Heist arc" over (and an unexpected 5 month hiatus), we kick off season 2 with the fallout from the last chapter.

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  • Olwen's Successor

    I've been away from Vanguard for over a year. Now that I'm back, I've decided to try building a budget Standard Dark Irregulars deck focusing on King of Masks, Dantarian. Any suggestions (including other budget decks to try) are welcome and much appreciated!

    Grade 0

    • Devil in Shadow (x1)
    • Cursed Doctor (Heal Trigger) (x4)
    • Dark Knight of Nightmareland (Critical Trigger) (x4)
    • Blitzritter (Critical Trigger) (x4)
    • Hysteric Shirley (Draw Trigger) (x4)

    Grade 1

    • Appalling Thread (Perfect Guard) (x4)
    • Doreen the Thruster (x3)
    • Variants Killertail(x4)
    • Pathfinder of Wind (x3)

    Grade 2

    • Dark Soul Conductor  (x3)
    • Gwynn the Ripper (x3)
    • Werwolf Sieger (x3)
    • Werbear Verfolger (x2)

    Grade 3

    • King of Masks, Dantarian (x4)
    • Ghoulish Despoiler (x2)
    • Demon Eater (x2)

    I feel like this deck won…

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  • Hikaru702

    Update: 1 April 2020 (No, I don't do April Fool, sorry)

    Download Link (EXE & APK & even the 001 Project File!):


    MIrror Link (.exe installer only):



    Update logs:

    1. Updated the UI during cardfight (It now looks more like EX's UI)
    2. Added VTD09 (Genesis)
    3. Added VTD10 (Gear Chronicle)
    4. Added VTD11 (Royal Paladin)
    5. Added VTD12 (Neo Nectar)
    6. Allowed AI deck for VTD08 (Bermuda), VTD09 (Genesis), VTD10 (Gear), VTD11 (Altmile), VTD12 (Ahsha) though it'd be using generic AI, so expect ZAKO level play
    7. Some other Bugfix
    8. More bugs

    Extra logs:

    1. FPS drop is still heavy on this …

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