• Xephon0930

    The Wrath of the Thunder Gods

    Grade 0: 17 cards

    • Spark Kid Dragoon (Starter)
    • 4 Yellow Gem Carbuncle (Critical)
    • 4 Demonic Dragon Fairy Seioubo (Heal)
    • 4 Old Dragon Mage (Draw)
    • 4 Djinn of the Poison Mind (Critical)

    Grade 1: 13 cards

    • 3 Desert Gunner Raien
    • 4 Wyvern Guard Garudo
    • 2 Rapid Fire Wyvern
    • 2 Rising Phoenix
    • 2 Dragon Dancer Rai Rai

    Grade 2: 11 cards

    • 3 Dragonic Deathscythe
    • 3 Desert Gunner Shiden
    • 3 Demonic Berserker Garuda
    • 2 Shieldblade Dragoon

    Grade 3: 9 cards

    • 3 Dragon Kaiser Vermillion
    • 3 Thunder Break Dragon
    • 3 Breakthrough Dragon

    Considering the point of this deck is to get out the two Limit Breakers as fast as I can whilst thinning out my opponent's field through attacks or effects,I would also love to pressure my opponents with the final push from Dragon Kaiser…

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  • Xephon0930

    The 4 Sacred Beasts Grade: 0 17 cards
    4 Grapplemania (Stand)
    4 Battleraizer (Stand)
    4 Red Lightning (Critical)
    4 Ring Girl Clara (Heal)

    Grade: 1' '14 cards
    4 Dancing Wolf
    4 Twin Blader
    3 Blaupanzer
    3 Divine Beast Scarlet Bird

    Grade: 2 11 cards
    4 Death Army Lady
    3 Divine Beast Black Tortoise
    3 Magical Girl Kirara

    Grade: 3 8 cards
    4 Divine Beast Azure Dragon
    2 Gold Rutile
    2 Stern Blaukruger

    I am just experimenting with these new Sacred Beasts and am hoping to get some good feedback on this deck and see if it can work. If not,then I'll use whatever constructive criticisms to make it work.

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  • Zackthompson

    Thunder Dragoons

    April 3, 2012 by Zackthompson

    This is my teamates Narukami Deck. Enjoy!

    Grade 0

    • Spark Kid, Dragoon (Human)x1
    • Yellow Gem Carbuncle (High Beast)x4
    • Dragon Dancer, Katarina (Human)x4
    • Old Dragon Mage (Flame Dragon)x4
    • Demonic Dragon Fairy, Seioubo (Dragonman)x4
    • Grade 1
    • Red River Dragoon (Human)x3
    • Thunder of Hope, Helena (Sylph)x3
    • Wyvern Guard, Garudo (Winged Dragon)x3
    • Wyvern Transportation Army (Dragonman)x3
    • Rising Pheonix (High Beast)x3
    • Grade 2
    • Demonic Dragon War Ogre, Carla (Thunder Dragon)x2
    • Dragonic Deathscythe (Thunder Dragon)x3
    • Shield Blade Dragoon (Human)x2
    • Thunderstorm Dragoon (Human)x3
    • Grade 3
    • Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion (Thunder Dragon)x4
    • Thunder Break Dragon (Thunder Dragon)x4
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  • Zackthompson

    Golden Warriors

    April 3, 2012 by Zackthompson

    This is going to be my Gold Paladin deck soon. Enjoy!

    Grade 0

    • Crimson Little Lion, Kirufu (Human)x1
    • Flames of Victory (Salamander)x4
    • Weapon Merchant, Guidion (Gnome)x4
    • Elixir Sommelier (Elf)x4
    • Fortune Bell (Sylph)x4
    • Grade 1
    • Knight of Fine Skill, Gareth (Human)x3
    • Halo's Shield, Mark (Human)x3
    • Jet Black Vanguard, Vortimer (Human)x3
    • Whirlwind of the Cliff, Sagremor (Human)x3
    • Blade Feather Valkyrie (Elf)x3
    • Grade 2
    • Guardian Holy Beast, Nemea Lion (High Beast)x2
    • Knight of Divine Skill, Bohman (Human)x3
    • Knight of Black Dragon, Vortimer (Human)x3
    • Flash Edge Valkyrie (Elf)x2
    • Grade 3
    • Burning Lion, Blonde Aezel (Human)x4
    • Great Silver Wolf, Garmall (Human)x4
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  • Tonystar73

    I was just browsing on google for bermuda triangle cards when i found this picture.

    I wasn't sure if this was a legit deck or if it was a fake. So i decided to take a look at the source of the image, which lead me to this site -

    After reading it myself, it sounds like this deck wasn't made by bushiroad but more made by a company (i believe) called Card Kingdom.

    I'm not really sure what to make of all of this, so maybe someone out there could take a look at the link them selfs and maybe clear things up?

    Because if this is a real deck, then i cant wait for it to come out in english if it does. :D

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  • Eandeavor3

    Pale moon deck idea

    April 3, 2012 by Eandeavor3

    I want to build a pale moon deck but I'm stumped can I get some ideas.

    P.S. is this an expensive clan

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  • Eandeavor3

    budget royal paladin

    April 3, 2012 by Eandeavor3

    Here is my idea. suggestions are welcome

    Grade 0: Stardust Trumpeter

    Grade 1: Knight of Rose Morgana x4

    Wingal x4

    Little Sage Marron x3

    Lake Maiden Lien x3

    Grade 2: Blaster Blade x4

    Knight of Truth Gordon x4

    Knight of Silence Gallatinx3

    Grade 3: Solitary Knight Gancelot

    Knight of Conviction Bors x4

    Demon Slaying Knight Lohengrin x1

    Triggers : Yggdraisel elaine x4 (heal)

    Weapons Dealer Govanon x4 (draw)

    Margel x4 (draw)

    Bringer of Good Luck Epona x4 (critical)

    The purpose of the deck is low cost for big power

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  • Dark Blaster Blade

    i want to try ott. please give any advice you have and this is english cads only. also any news on when/if english is getting tsukoyomi because of the pack switch would be appreciated.

    Grade 0: 16

    Lozenge Magus x4 (heal)

    Pyschic Bird x4 (critical)

    Oracle Guardian, Nike x4 (critical)

    Miracle Kid x4 (draw)

    Grade 1: 15

    Battle Sister, Chocolat/Coca x4 each

    Oracle Guardian, Gemini(terminator baby) x4

    Weather Girl, Milk x3

    Grade 2: 12

    Battle sister, Mocha x4

    Maiden of libra x2

    Silent Tom x4

    Oracl Guardian Wiseman x2

    Grade 3: 7

    Ceo Amaterasu x3

    Oracle Guardian, Apollon x4

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  • Desmond Cool

    Hey guys!Playing Vanguard while please read this as a hot news.(I will not going to this tournament because I live in Singapore and no I have not SP and RRR cards.)

    Great News to all US players! More Shops have participated for the Official Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament. Listed are the Shops that will hold the OFFICIAL Tournaments for the Month of April. Please check their timing and location.

    Part 2:


    Squabbles Trading Cards 6711 Ritchie HWY #407 Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410-8635858 Time: Every Thursday 5pm to 9pm Fee: USD$5 Michigan

    Collector's Corner Inc 4011 Jerferson Ave.Midland, MI 48640 989-839-2060 Time: 14/4/2012 and 21/4/2012 1pm Fee: USD$5


    Yeti Gaming 361 Watson Plaza Crestwood, MO 63126 (314)546-5451    Time: Every Saturda…

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  • Desmond Cool

    Do you want to know what is my top 2 Vanguar cards ?Well,heres the cards!

    *==Blaster Blade==

    ​ He so strong and powerful.His has a shiny blade and the ruler of Royal Paladin.

    • Majesty Lord Blaster

    He has a shiny bright blade and he is the kind of all clans.

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