• Rua56

    Majestic Blaster Lord Deck

    January 21, 2012 by Rua56

    • Alabaster Owl x3 (Critical)
    • Bringer of Good Luck, Epona x3 (Critical)
    • Fullbau x1 (Start)
    • Margal x4 (Draw)
    • Weapons Dealer, Govannon x2 (Draw)
    • Wingal Brave x3 (Add a blaster unit)
    • Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine x4 (Heal)

    • Apocalypse Bat x3 (Boost blaster units)
    • Blaster Javelin x4 (Search BD)
    • Flash Shield, Iseult x3 (Perfect defense)
    • Little Sage, Marron x3 (Boost)

    • Blaster Blade x4 (Essential, retire rg)
    • Blaster Dark x4 (Essential, retire rg)
    • Star Call Trumpeter x3 (Call any blaster)

    • Majestic Blaster Lord x4 (The win)
    • Solitary Knight, Gancelot x2 (Search BB)

    I like this deck is fast and have a good hand control.

    I play in BYOND, my nickname is [SANGRE].

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  • Rowcla

    Hey all, you might have seen me about before, possibly even before I made an account here (i was commenting all the time) anyway, I finally decided to make an account and i figured I'd share my views on the topic!

    Anyway first of all, I myself think that the thing that Cardfight! Vanguard needs most now is a larger development in potential deck strategies, preferably they should add cards that instead of being able to create a full deck by itself and then only really have a small area to customize (like blaukruger, Phantom blaster, Blazing flare, etc...) and instead give them more room for different builds, a good method of doing so would be adding more cards affected by subtypes (for example more cards that can affect high breeds, or flame…

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  • AngelBldz

    Neo Nectar card list at


    Shield Seed Squire (starting vanguard)

    16 triggers


    3x Maiden of Trailing Rose

    4xForerunner Battle Maiden, Laurel


    2xGlass Beads Dragon

    3xKnight of Young Leaves, Gene

    2xSky Covering Wings, Simorgh

    2xIris Knight

    3xHey Yo Pineapple


    4xCarolla Dragon

    4xBlade Seed Squire

    2xMaiden of Blossom Rain

    2xCaramel Popcorn

    2xLady of Kamorebi

    This deck build is something i came up with and i think this is the most effective build for neo nectar. i would be explaining to you why you should not play some neo nectar cards as it may not be as effective as others.

    Knight of Harvest, Gene, is not played as it is ineffective when you reach grade 3 as the ability is usually activated during …

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  • TooNBaku

    I have made this blog for the first Bushiroad Discussion on this certain topic. I sent to an e-mail to Hazuki from Bushiroad about this idea I came up with, this suggestion being about creating an Official virtual reality online game based on the Vanguard series. Imagine a world where you can meet the anime characters and other people from around the world and have a Vanguard battle with; going through different stages and challenges, taking part in different tournaments and championships to become the Best Vanguard Fighter in the world. She liked the idea and will forward it to her colleagues but in the meantime if they consider the idea, I think it would be great if we gave our ideas on how it could be like.

    So this is an open discussion …

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  • Sandy Sagebrush

    Okay so here is my favorite clans and why I love them oh so much, now I can't really chose which ones are my favorite and I usually judge these clans on three things, Art Style, Abilities and Originality.

    1. Angel Feather (AF) - Now at first, the whole defensive thing kind of interested me, but then I was totally abused by the lack of luck this clan was giving me. But after Celestials were released I fell in love with them! I love their more offensive style, while still using the tactics that AF is known for, though that's more kept on the downlow. I'm in love with the Lapis Lazul, they give me the real fighting edge, the real 'what'cha gonna do now!?' feel to them as I boost up my vanguard up WAY past 20k, then the sweetest thing I can thin…

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  • TooNBaku

    Vanguard UK Products

    December 8, 2011 by TooNBaku

    To anyone who wasn't sure about the arrival of Vanguard decks in UK, I contacted Bushiroad and I got a reply about it from Hazuki from Bushiroad. This is what she said:


    Dear Toonbaku,

    Thank you very much for your inquiry at Cardfight!! Vanguard support team, this is Hazuki from Bushiroad International Sales team writing on behalf of them.

    Currently we have no official shop/distributor in Britain who sells Vanguard packs or trial decks, but would like to find one, as we have just launched English version in Singapore.

    We are planning to visit London in February for HYPER JAPAN2012, and sell some of our Vanguard products first time in the UK.

    Also planning to hold a teaching session, so hope you and your friends can join us there.

    During HYPER J…

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  • Elnxida


    November 15, 2011 by Elnxida

    I have confirmed on the American section of the Bushiroad site that if you can convince your local retailers to order the English versions of Cardfight!! Vanguard, they will be released on December 3rd, 2011. I don't know about you guys, but I'm spreading the word to about 500,000,000,000 hobby shops and tournament centers and... convincing them to order CFVG. Fear not, I'll go unarmed... For now.

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  • NeonRiser2134

    Just tell all contributors, that, the translation of "Dimensional Police" is wrong and it should be "Dimension Police". That is all.

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  • NeonRiser2134

    As we get ready for more info and the release of the 4th Booster Set: Empty Shadow God Eclipse, there's news of additional packs being released later this year and early next year, respectively. The first of which will be the 5th Booster Pack called 双剣覚醒「そうけんかくせい」(which translates to Twin Sword Awakening). The pack will contain the usually assortment as the previous packs that have been introduced such as the:

    • 8 RRR Cards
    • 12 RR Cards
    • 20 R Cards
    • 40 C Cards
    • 12 SP

    It will be released in Japan on the 14th January 2012.

    Secondly, for those following the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga series will be happy to know, that, cards featured in the manga series will be released in physical card form in a future release later this year on the 3rd December 2011.


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  • NeonRiser2134

    Wiki Adoption

    September 19, 2011 by NeonRiser2134

    Hello, my fellow contributors! The adoption of a Wiki would transfer the adminastrative control to the one whoever request to become the adminastrator of the Wiki in question. Also, there is the position of Beaurecrat (inbetween the admin and founder). I was wondering if anyone would consider taking over this Wiki, if so, click here. There are some criteria that needs to be fulfilled before being approved (which can be found at the top of the page).

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