"Binding Force of the Black Rings" is the 12th Booster Set released in the Japanese and English format.



Azusa/chibi/Daisuke Izuka/Eel/GAN/Hirokorin/HMK84/Kou Takano/koji/mikebosi/Morechand/morie/NAKAGAWA/ToMo/touge666/uni/安達洋介/伊咲ウタ/石田バル/伊藤彰/伊藤未生/イシバシヨウスケ/イトウヨウイチ/えびら/おにねこ/垣野内成美/叶之明/かわすみ/喜久屋めがね/樹人/木下勇樹/弘司/古賀あずさ/茶壱/齋藤タヶオ/サウトカシト/沙汰/スケキヨ/スズキゴロウ/汐山このむ/仙田聡/タカヤマトシアキ/田口美穂/田所哲平/たにめそ/種田和宏/チェロキー/てるみぃ/ともひと/パトリシア/はま/ひがし/ひと和/二見敬之/ぽん吉/前田真宏/雅/増田幹生/松島一夫/碧風羽/三好載克/村枝賢一/村上ヒサシ/村山竜大/瞑丸イヌチヨ/山橋健一/結城遼也/竜徹/りりんら


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
BT12/001 Revenger, Raging Form Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin RRR + SP
BT12/002 Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore 3 Gold Paladin RRR + SP
BT12/003 Eradicator, Vowing Saber Dragon "Яeverse" 3 Narukami RRR + SP
BT12/004 Demon Conquering Dragon, Dungaree "Unlimited" 3 Narukami RRR + SP
BT12/005 Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon 3 Link Joker RRR + SP
BT12/006 Schwarzschild Dragon 3 Link Joker RRR + SP
BT12/007 Demon Marquis, Amon "Яeverse" 3 Dark Irregulars RRR + SP
BT12/008 Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier "Яeverse" 3 Pale Moon RRR + SP
BT12/009 Witch of Cursed Talisman, Etain 3 Shadow Paladin RR
BT12/010 Dark Cloak Revenger, Tartu 2 Shadow Paladin RR
BT12/011 Dark Revenger, Mac Lir 1 Shadow Paladin RR
BT12/012 Barcgal Liberator 1 Gold Paladin RR
BT12/013 Iron Fan Eradicator, Nirrti 2 Narukami RR
BT12/014 Barrier Star-vader, Promethium 1 Link Joker RR
BT12/015 King of Masks, Dantarian 3 Dark Irregulars RR + SP
BT12/016 Master of Fifth Element 3 Dark Irregulars RR
BT12/017 Amon's Follower, Vlad Specula 1 Dark Irregulars RR
BT12/018 Miracle Pop, Eva 3 Pale Moon RR + SP
BT12/019 Nightmare Doll, Chelsea 3 Pale Moon RR
BT12/020 Silver Thorn Hypnos, Lydia 1 Pale Moon RR
BT12/021 Barrier Troop Revenger, Dorint 1 Shadow Paladin R
BT12/022 Revenger, Dark Bond Trumpeter 1 Shadow Paladin R
BT12/023 Frontline Revenger, Claudas 0 Shadow Paladin R
BT12/024 Liberator, Bagpipe Angel 2 Gold Paladin R
BT12/025 Whirlwind Axe Wielding Exorcist Knight 2 Narukami R
BT12/026 Homing Eradicator, Rochishin 2 Narukami R
BT12/027 Rising Phoenix 1 Narukami R
BT12/028 Resonance Hammer Wielding Exorcist Knight 1 Narukami R
BT12/029 Exorcist Mage, Dan Dan 0 Narukami R
BT12/030 Schrodinger's Lion 3 Link Joker R
BT12/031 Gravity Collapse Dragon 2 Link Joker R
BT12/032 Opener of Dark Gates 1 Link Joker R
BT12/033 Star-vader, Dust Tail Unicorn 0 Link Joker R
BT12/034 Micro-hole Dracokid 0 Link Joker R
BT12/035 Werbear Soldner 3 Dark Irregulars R
BT12/036 Amon's Follower, Psycho Grave 2 Dark Irregulars R
BT12/037 Amon's Follower, Ron Geenlin 2 Dark Irregulars R
BT12/038 Amon's Follower, Fools Palm 1 Dark Irregulars R
BT12/039 Fire Ring Griffin 3 Pale Moon R
BT12/040 Silver Thorn Marionette, Lilian 2 Pale Moon R
BT12/041 Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Maricica 2 Pale Moon R
BT12/042 Silver Thorn, Rising Dragon 2 Pale Moon R
BT12/043 Demon World Castle, ZerSchlangen 3 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/044 Jacbau Revenger 2 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/045 Demon World Castle, ZweiSpeer 2 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/046 Malice Revenger, Dylan 1 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/047 Sonnbau 1 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/048 Spinbau Revenger 0 Shadow Paladin C
BT12/049 Revenger, Air Raid Dragon 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
BT12/050 Revenger, Waking Angel 0 Shadow Paladin Stand C
BT12/051 Gigantech Pillar Fighter 3 Gold Paladin C
BT12/052 Overcast Liberator, Geraint 2 Gold Paladin C
BT12/053 Pikgal 2 Gold Paladin C
BT12/054 May Rain Liberator, Bruno 1 Gold Paladin C
BT12/055 Sunrise Unicorn 1 Gold Paladin C
BT12/056 Liberator, Cheer Up Trumpeter 0 Gold Paladin C
BT12/057 Daybreak Liberator, Muron 0 Gold Paladin Stand C
BT12/058 Conquering Eradicator, Dokkasei 1 Narukami C
BT12/059 Eradicator, Blade Hang Dracokid 0 Narukami C
BT12/060 Eradicator, Blue Gem Carbuncle 0 Narukami Draw C
BT12/061 Catastrophstinger 3 Link Joker C
BT12/062 Innocent Blade, Heartless 3 Link Joker C
BT12/063 Furious Claw Star-vader, Niobium 2 Link Joker C
BT12/064 Gamma Burst Fenrir 2 Link Joker C
BT12/065 Singularity Sniper 2 Link Joker C
BT12/066 Le Maul 2 Link Joker C
BT12/067 Gravity Ball Dragon 1 Link Joker C
BT12/068 Demon Claw Star-vader, Lanthanum 1 Link Joker C
BT12/069 Strafing Star-vader, Ruthenium 1 Link Joker C
BT12/070 Paradox Nail Fenrir 1 Link Joker C
BT12/071 White Night Fenrir 0 Link Joker C
BT12/072 Star-vader, Weiss Soldat 0 Link Joker Critical C
BT12/073 Star-vader, Scounting Ferris 0 Link Joker Draw C
BT12/074 Star-vader, Moon Commander 0 Link Joker Stand C
BT12/075 Number of Terror 3 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/076 Amon's Follower, Hell's Draw 2 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/077 Werleopard Soldat 2 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/078 Frog Knight 2 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/079 Amon's Follower, Hell's Deal 1 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/080 Amon's Follower, Phu Geenlin 1 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/081 Dimension Creeper 1 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/082 Werhase Bandito 1 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/083 Amon's Follower, Fate Collector 0 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/084 Werfuchs Hexa 0 Dark Irregulars C
BT12/085 Amon's Follower, Cruel Hand 0 Dark Irregulars Critical C
BT12/086 Amon's Follower, Psychic Waitress 0 Dark Irregulars Draw C
BT12/087 Amon's Follower, Meteor Cracker 0 Dark Irregulars Stand C
BT12/088 Amon's Follower, Hell's Trick 0 Dark Irregulars Heal C
BT12/089 Master of Giant Flying Knives 3 Pale Moon C
BT12/090 Tightrope Holder 2 Pale Moon C
BT12/091 Flying Hippogriff 2 Pale Moon C
BT12/092 Silver Thorn Assistant, Irina 1 Pale Moon C
BT12/093 Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Ana 1 Pale Moon C
BT12/094 Silver Thorn, Breathing Dragon 1 Pale Moon C
BT12/095 Tightrope Tumbler 1 Pale Moon C
BT12/096 Elegant Elephant 1 Pale Moon C
BT12/097 Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionela 0 Pale Moon C
BT12/098 Tone of a Journey, Willi 0 Pale Moon C
BT12/099 Silver Thorn, Barking Dragon 0 Pale Moon Critical C
BT12/100 Silver Thorn Marionette, Natasha 0 Pale Moon Draw C
BT12/101 Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Serge 0 Pale Moon Stand C
BT12/102 Silver Thorn Juggler, Nadia 0 Pale Moon Heal C
BT12/S11 Demon World Marquis, Amon 3 Dark Irregulars SP
BT12/S12 Blaster Dark Revenger 2 Shadow Paladin SP

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Shadow Paladin 4 5 3(+1) 3 15(+1)
Gold Paladin 2 3 3 2 10
Narukami 3 3 3 2 11
Link Joker 6 6 5 5 22
Dark Irregulars 6 6 5 5(+1) 22(+1)
Pale Moon 6 6 5 5 22

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