"Legion of Dragons & Blades" is the 16th Booster Set released in the Japanese format, and the first associated with Season 4. It was released in the English format as "Legion of Dragons & Blades ver.E". With the release of this booster set, Clan Fight regulations were put into effect.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
BT16/001 Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon 3 Royal Paladin RRR+SP+LR
BT16/002 Forthright Seeker, Egbert 3 Royal Paladin RRR
BT16/003 Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Dragon 3 Narukami RRR+SP
BT16/004 Brawler, Wild Rush Dragon 3 Narukami RRR
BT16/005 Ultimate Raizer Mega-flare 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
BT16/006 Metalborg, Sin Buster 3 Dimension Police RRR+SP
BT16/007 Emerald Blaze 3 Spike Brothers RRR+SP
BT16/008 Peony Musketeer, Martina 3 Neo Nectar RRR+SP
BT16/009 Blaster Blade Seeker 2 Royal Paladin RR+SP+LR
BT16/010 Defending Seeker, Shiron 1 Royal Paladin RR
BT16/011 Brawler, Big Bang Slash Dragon 2 Narukami RR+SP
BT16/012 Hardship Brawler, Toshu 1 Narukami RR
BT16/013 Phoenixraizer Drill-wing 3 Nova Grappler RR
BT16/014 Shieldraizer 1 Nova Grappler RR
BT16/015 Metalborg, Drion 3 Dimension Police RR
BT16/016 Metalborg, Bryknuckle 1 Dimension Police RR
BT16/017 Bloody Ogle 3 Spike Brothers RR
BT16/018 Baron Amadeus 1 Spike Brothers RR
BT16/019 Lycoris Musketeer, Vera 3 Neo Nectar RR
BT16/020 Phalaenopsis Musketeer, Kirstie 1 Neo Nectar RR
BT16/021 Great Crossbow Seeker, Gildas 2 Royal Paladin R
BT16/022 Flail Seeker, Isbuzzard 1 Royal Paladin R
BT16/023 Grynngal Seeker 1 Royal Paladin R
BT16/024 Advance Party Seeker, File 0 Royal Paladin R
BT16/025 Brawler, Yojin 2 Narukami R
BT16/026 Threatening Brawler, Kohmei 1 Narukami R
BT16/027 Tonfa Brawler, Arc 1 Narukami R
BT16/028 Brawler, Fighting Dracokid 0 Narukami R
BT16/029 Ultimate Raizer Dual-flare 2 Nova Grappler R+SP
BT16/030 Phoenixraizer Flame-wing 2 Nova Grappler R
BT16/031 Tankraizer 1 Nova Grappler R
BT16/032 Energyraizer 0 Nova Grappler R
BT16/033 Metalborg, Ur Buster 2 Dimension Police R+SP
BT16/034 Metalborg, Lionetter 2 Dimension Police R
BT16/035 Metalborg, Yunbot 1 Dimension Police R
BT16/036 Metalborg, Blackboi 0 Dimension Police R
BT16/037 Silver Blaze 2 Spike Brothers R+SP
BT16/038 Frozen Ogle 2 Spike Brothers R
BT16/039 Machine Gun Gloria 1 Spike Brothers R
BT16/040 Peony Musketeer, Toure 2 Neo Nectar R+SP
BT16/041 Lycoris Musketeer, Saul 2 Neo Nectar R
BT16/042 Camellia Musketeer, Tamara 1 Neo Nectar R
BT16/043 Seeker, Gigantech Driver 3 Royal Paladin C
BT16/044 Heaven Bow Seeker, Morvi 2 Royal Paladin C
BT16/045 Sibergal Seeker 2 Royal Paladin C
BT16/046 Heaven Arrow Seeker, Lunate 1 Royal Paladin C
BT16/047 Seeker, Tranquil Unicorn 1 Royal Paladin C
BT16/048 Seeker, Hartmy 0 Royal Paladin C
BT16/049 Seeker, Hallowed Breath Dragon 0 Royal Paladin Critical C
BT16/050 Seeker, Bouquet Paros 0 Royal Paladin Stand C
BT16/051 Brawler, Headband of Greed 3 Narukami C
BT16/052 Violent Brawler, Shuki 2 Narukami C
BT16/053 Naga Brawler, Kadru 2 Narukami C
BT16/054 Brawler, Igo 1 Narukami C
BT16/055 Brawler, Dropkick Wyvern 1 Narukami C
BT16/056 Prodigy Brawler, Kotensho 0 Narukami C
BT16/057 Heaven Rising Brawler, Yohzen 0 Narukami Critical C
BT16/058 War Drum Brawler, Haoka 0 Narukami Stand C
BT16/059 Nobody from Olmeca 3 Nova Grappler C
BT16/060 Marineraizer Anchor-arm 3 Nova Grappler C
BT16/061 Marineraizer High-torpedo 2 Nova Grappler C
BT16/062 Wingraizer 2 Nova Grappler C
BT16/063 Rapidraizer 2 Nova Grappler C
BT16/064 Cannonraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
BT16/065 Carvingraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
BT16/066 Reserveraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
BT16/067 Space Bit 1 Nova Grappler C
BT16/068 Raizer Pilot, Huey 0 Nova Grappler C
BT16/069 Meteoraizer 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
BT16/070 Raizer Crew 0 Nova Grappler Draw C
BT16/071 Raizer Girl, Kate 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
BT16/072 Subliminal Gray 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
BT16/073 Metalborg, Sandstorm 3 Dimension Police C
BT16/074 Metalborg, Scissorion 3 Dimension Police C
BT16/075 Metalborg, Diggerion 2 Dimension Police C
BT16/076 Metalborg, Russell Blizzard 2 Dimension Police C
BT16/077 Metalborg, Bulldump 2 Dimension Police C
BT16/078 Metalborg, X Blaise 1 Dimension Police C
BT16/079 Metalborg, Mist Ghost 1 Dimension Police C
BT16/080 Metalborg, Black Doctor 1 Dimension Police C
BT16/081 Metalborg, Death Blade 1 Dimension Police C
BT16/082 Metalborg, Mec Rogue 0 Dimension Police C
BT16/083 Metalborg, Battle Roller 0 Dimension Police Critical C
BT16/084 Metalborg, Black Nurse 0 Dimension Police Heal C
BT16/085 Metalborg, Devil Loader 0 Dimension Police Draw C
BT16/086 Metalborg Operator, Kilika 0 Dimension Police Stand C
BT16/087 Dudley Moses 3 Spike Brothers C
BT16/088 Dudley Monty 2 Spike Brothers C
BT16/089 Jumbo the Stungun 2 Spike Brothers C
BT16/090 Prized, Mirage Panther 2 Spike Brothers C
BT16/091 Oasis Boy 1 Spike Brothers C
BT16/092 Cyclone Johnny 0 Spike Brothers C
BT16/093 Cheer Girl, Pauline 0 Spike Brothers Draw C
BT16/094 Cheer Girl, Adalaide 0 Spike Brothers Heal C
BT16/095 Carnation Musketeer, Rikhard 3 Neo Nectar C
BT16/096 Carnation Musketeer, Pertti 2 Neo Nectar C
BT16/097 Platycodon Musketeer, Evelina 2 Neo Nectar C
BT16/098 Narcissus Musketeer, Joachim 2 Neo Nectar C
BT16/099 Hydrangea Musketeer, Ivar 1 Neo Nectar C
BT16/100 Anemone Musketeer, Susanna 1 Neo Nectar C
BT16/101 Gypsophila Musketeer, Raisa 0 Neo Nectar C
BT16/102 Lotus Musketeer, Liana 0 Neo Nectar Draw C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Royal Paladin 4 5 4 3 16
Narukami 4 5 4 3 16
Nova Grappler 6 6 5 4 21
Dimension Police 6 6 5 4 21
Spike Brothers 3 3 5 3 14
Neo Nectar 2 4 5 3 14

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