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Brandt Gate (ブラントゲート Buranto Gēto) is a nation on Planet Cray, formerly known as Star Gate.


Due to the low temperature, the people live within domes. However, for those who fight threats in space and other worlds, the land below does not mean much.

Those who Protect the World with Otherworldly Powers
Known as "Star Gate" in the past, the nation served as the Star Gate of Planet Cray to visitors from other dimensions. Incorporating the technology of the Planet "Brandt", it maintains its advanced culture and national power in the new era through its high level of technological development.The citizens of Brandt Gate continue to fight threats from other worlds at the borders of this world.

The Nation's Progress and Vigilance against Unknown Enemies
Although, "Brandt Gate" is making great progress in expanding into other continents, they feel as strong sense of impending danger from the mysterious enemy from another world, the "Void". Apart from the other nations of this world, the evil influence of the "invisible enemy" begins to move.



Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Alien Unique
Battleroid Unique
Human Shared
Space Dragon Unique
Workeroid Unique
Cyber Beast Unique
Cyber Golem Unique
Cyberoid Unique


Sets containing Brandt Gate cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats ??

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Start Deck 05: Tomari Seto -Aurora Valkyrie- 15

List of Brandt Gate cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Aurora Battle Princess, Amy Orange Human Draw
Aurora Battle Princess, Fronte Rose Human Front
Aurora Battle Princess, Lourus Yellow Human Critical
Aurora Battle Princess, Ruby Red Human
Aurora Battle Princess, Treuse Green Human Heal
Cardinal Fang, Phovi Cyber Beast
Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath Space Dragon Over

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Aurora Battle Princess, Kyanite Blue Human
Autonomic Caution Workeroid
Cardinal Noid, Routis Cyberoid
Craggy Beast, Girgrand Alien Sentinel
Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine Alien
Electrode Monster, Adapton Alien
Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus Set Order
Hyperspeed Robo, Chevalstud Battleroid
Lightning Barrier, Emergency Deployment! Blitz Order
Rapid Charger Workeroid
Useful Recharger Workeroid
Violate Dragon Space Dragon Sentinel

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Aurora Battle Princess, Agarrar Rouge Human
Aurora Battle Princess, Risatt Pink Human
Cardinal Noid, Cubisia Cyberoid
Causality Goes Crazy as I Will It Normal Order
Fighting Dragon, Gordog Dragon Space Dragon
Frigid Mutant, Drumler Alien
Grapple External Alien
Hollowing Moonlit Night Set Order
Jeweled Combination, Jewelion Battleroid
Security Patroller Battleroid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Alert Guard Gunner Battleroid
Aurora Battle Princess, Seraph Snow Human
Cardinal Deus, Orfist Cyber Golem
Granaroad Fairtigar Battleroid
In the Darkness Nobody Knows Set Order

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