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Bringer of Dreams, Belenus
ゆめはこ ベレヌス
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Name Bringer of Dreams, Belenus
Kanji 夢の運び手 ベレヌス
Kana ゆめのはこびて ベレヌス
Phonetic Yume no Hakobi-te Berenusu
Card Type Trigger Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 0 / Sk boost Boost
Power Power icon 5000
Critical Critical icon 1
Shield Shield icon 30000
Nation Co united United Sanctuary
Clan Royal Paladin
Race Sylph
Trigger Effect Tr critical Critical / Critical icon+1, Power icon+10000
Format V-icon Standard / Premium Standard
Design / Illust lack / 萩谷薫
Card Set(s)
  • The Next Stage - V-EB14/012 (RR) - V-EB14/S11 (SP)
    V-EB14/012EN (RR) - V-EB14/S11EN (SP)
Card Flavor(s)
I will not forgive those who ruin dreams!
Card Effect(s)
[CONT]:Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with "[CONT]:Sentinel" in a deck.)
Tournament Status
EN Unrestricted
JP Unrestricted
KR Unrestricted
TH Unrestricted
IT Unrestricted
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