This is the new form of the Dragon Deity of Genesis, "Messiah", having become the guardian of "Link Joker" taking root in Cray. It has been voluntarily sealing most of its power, and enjoying peaceful days with its new children in the mountains of Star Gate. However, since it sensed the quickening of its antagonist, the Dragon Deity of Destruction, "Gyze", it has awakened once again. Following its instincts as the dragon deity governing creation, it is accumulating power for the coming war. Though it has not reached its full strength, it can use the supernatural power of "deity" when taking this "Alter Ego Neo Messiah" form. Incidentally, to protect the children of "Link Joker" who haven't been familiar with Cray, it used a portion of its power to create the clones "Arrester" and "Metallia" so as to stand guard over their residence.

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