It is a dinodragon, known as the "Ancient Dragon" that thrived in the prehistoric ages. For Ancient Dragons, because evolution in an act to show your strength to the opponent, it is often accompanied with changes on the outer appearance. However, it is a rare case in which it only create an organ that emits electromagnetic pulses within its body during evolution. The electromagnetic pulses generated by this organ is able to amplify the action of extracorporeal organs, and able to deploy a strong electromagnetic shield around it. While the shield's radius is narrow but its strength is said to be on par with the power of several 10 magic bullets created by high level witches. Even if grunts are to hack and slash on the same spot for an entire day, they will not be able to leave even a scratch on it. They (Ancient Dragons) still continue to evolve even until now. It's no longer a wonder that the same trick doesn't work on them twice.

Who are the Ancient Dragons?

The first ever dinodragons that dominated the soils of Cray in the pre-historic times. While other races had gone extinct one after another during the cataclysm, they had survived its fury by slumbering indefinitely under the earth. In addition, they somehow exhibited their extraordinary vitality and continue to evolve despite laying dormant under the earth. It has been inferred that they awakened from their long slumber from the effect of the pollution to the air and land as a process of "Link Joker's" invasion on Cray.

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