He is one of the Desert Gunners, warriors that protect the vast desert within the Empire's territory, and also a young warrior that was bestowed with the title of "Eradicator." Contrary to his savage character, he is a first-class shooter who specializes in unparalleled accuracy and relentless salvos. Theoratically, his precise and maneuverable shooting until one can create an art out of it is made possible only due to the mana supply formula in his guns that provides infinite mana for him to shoot endlessly. He is the guardian of the desert, loved by both the wind and dust. A single bullet will turn into a barrage storm in no time, and devour any target that stands in front of him.

Who are the "Eradicators"?

"Narukami" is one of the two major pillars in Dragon Empire Army Special Forces which is composed of our faithful warriors, especially to the empire. We aimed to "eradicate" any person who made an enemy of the Empire in this peaceful time. Even when a person is usually peaceful, during the mission we are specially trained to be ruthless. In addition, the person who has been appointed shall not be known to the troops other than those of the upper part and those within the same "Eradicator".

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