A member of the "Battle Sisters", a religious order of naturally-talented agents. She was directly invited to join the order by its leader "Fromage", and she is a human, which makes her a rare being among the elf-centered Battle Sisters. Her parents crossed the border during a great war of the past, and entered the neighbouring nation of many conflicts. So cruel her life that she was born and grew up in that war-torn nation.

Battle Sisters are required to have strong willpower, because they need to accomplish tasks daily, some of the tasks being inhumane. Therefore, mainly elves are invited to join the order as their longetivity provides them time to strengthen their determination. Nevertheless, Lollipop is an exceptional case, for she was born with the talent of becoming a special agent. Born on the battlefield, grew up on the battlefield, and she returns to the battlefield.

Who are the Battle Sisters?

The Agents of the Fighting Religious Order "Sanctuary Guardian" that was established by Oracle Think Tank in secret, for the purpose of erasing and arresting criminal elements and corrupt companies. Because it is officially a church, its members look like nuns. Their members excel in both combat and the magic arts, though, potentially because they are assigned to jobs that cannot officially be made public in many cases, the group tends to have a substantial number of quirky and strange individuals.

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