A member of the "Battle Sisters"; a religious order of native-born agents. She is an able Sister of the church who single-handedly carries out the official duties of the church. She has a habit of naming her belongings all the time. For example, she calls her beloved twin swords "Mu·Ra·Ma·Sa ♥" (Their official name is the "Multiple Radiate -sys- Mechanical Saber"). She heavily uses the word "love" both publicly and privately, she abuses it with no sense of context, to the point no one has any idea what the hell she means when she uses the word "love". Though she's one of the many typical screwballs in the Battle Sisters, though because of the fact that she can act like a normal, completely generic sister of the faith during church hours, which is a rarity, she is considered very valuable by the church. Because she constantly supports the extremely overworked "Fromage" both publicly and behind the scenes, she's considered something of a Guardian of the Battle Sisters.

The Battle Sisters are...

The Agents of the Fighting Religious Order "Sanctuary Guardian" that was established by "Oracle Think Tank" in secret, for the purpose of erasing and arresting criminal elements and corrupt companies. Because it is officially a church, its members look like nuns. Their members excel in both combat and the magic arts, though, potentially because they are assigned to jobs that cannot officially be made public in many cases, the group tends to have a substantial number of quirky and strange individuals.

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