The newest member of the Beast Deity army, which celebrated a huge hit over the past few years. One can confirm that it is the latest model of the Beast Deity by checking the production number on it, since the production number will be different from any machines from the past. Even though its AI is emotionally unstable, and the overconfidence in its own strength proved to be the fly in its ointment, the basic performance of the machine is far superior than any other machines that were produced in the past. Its fierce appearance is said to be taken from the "winged tiger", a mythology from a certain country elsewhere, as the motif. The incandescent fist of light that the legendary beast of the folklore released bears the same vermillion radiance in its unwavering eyes that are confident of its victory.

The Beast Deities

A general term for beast and dragon-modeled mechanical soldiers that took part in the Nova Grapple in the recent years. Their manufacturer is anonymous. They have only 2 common points:

  • 1. The mechanical soldiers voluntarily named themselves as the "Beast Deities".
  • 2. Their objective is to participate and win in the Nova Grapple.

While there is no significant difference in their performance compared to the other Battleroids, their leader, a dragon-like machine boasts in its exceptional performance in battle. The audiences are only down to one word as they are awed by the dazzling, brilliant and spectacular cooperation between each unit under the leadership of the dragon-like machine.

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