It is a member of "Ancient", a prideful new team of the explosively-popular battleroid regiment "Beast Deities". Its ultra-weight spear weighs 12t. It is said that battleroids produced from normal replaceable parts need a size double to that of Max Beat, as well as 4-fold of weight, to hold such a spear with sole physical power. With such fact in mind, people become more skeptical about the identity of the anonymous manufacturer of "Beast Deities". Max Beat's can attack with a combination of "speed", "weight" and "accuracy", due to the contribution of two factors: its high-level spearmanship modeled after a famous spearman, and the unique movement of Battleroids thanks to their multiple flexible joints.

The combination of individual moves makes "Ancient" a team sui generis. Its members are able to fight in a protean and ad hoc way, resembling nerve cells. All of their opponents describe them in the same way, "fighting them is like fighting an undivided gigantic machine."

Who are the Beast Deities?

A general term for beast and dragon-modeled mechanical soldiers that took part in the Nova Grapple in the recent years. Their manufacturer is anonymous. They have only two common points:

  • 1. The mechanical soldiers voluntarily named themselves as the "Beast Deities".
  • 2. Their objective is to participate and win in the Nova Grapple.

Since the Violent-Tiger-Type mechanical soldier came on stage, the number of Beast Deities with autonomous AI rise in these days. They are able to express their personalities more vividly.

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