It is a special "Cyberoid" developed based on "Binary Star", the mecha built using the data of the Three Heroes. Its production was called for under the secret order of the commanders, whose aims were seeking further possibilities. Bearing the identification code of "BinarY-StaR:02", it is the improved version of "Binary Star". In addition to boosting its physical capabilities through a variety of means such as reinforcement of muscle tissue and the improvement of quality of organic materials used, it has been modified to wield mid-range combats. Its armaments are "Primary", a destruction pistol that can demolish steel that has been enhanced with magical barriers, and "Companion", a binding pistol that can cripple its victims by eroding their bodies. Each of the pistols can be filled with a large amount of "Void", equivalent to the amount generated by 100 massively-produced soldiers.

The power of heroes, born for the purpose of protecting and leading the planet, has been stolen and spoiled by invaders who want to destroy the planet. An evil 'hero' born to the world without even the first cry, it grants destruction equally to commoners terrorized by despair and warriors who believe in hope.

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