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Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows (22/09/2011)

Unable to demonstrate the courage demanded by the sword-like weapon "Blaster Blade", he walked a road to hell powered by his amplified negative emotions. His hatred is aimed at the person called "Blaster Blade" who could use the weapon he was unable to activate, causing him to take up the mantle of "Blaster Dark", and under the guide of the Dragon of Hell, he plans to end things with his fated rival.

Promo Cards (12/12/2012)

A warrior of the shadow knights, "Shadow Paladin" which broke off from the regular army "Royal Paladin."
He once had obsession and strong hatred towards "Blaster Blade" but they reconciled through a duel during the war.
In order to stop the Dragon of Hell who had revealed its true nature and thrown the entire Cray into chaos, he temporarily entrusted his sword, which can be said is his life, to "Blaster Blade." As a result, his move had become the decisive factor in the Awakening of the Vanguard, and thus was secretly touted as a hero.
After the war, he tried to rebuild the "Shadow Paladin," and worked hard to deter any wrongdoings of his fellow clansmen. Because his power is the keystone to awaken the ultimate Vanguard, he is therefore feared by the mysterious force, and thus was currently sealed in another dimension.