"Claret Sword Dragon", the ex-Grandmaster of "Shadow Paladin" carved his name in history as a dishonorable rebel who dragged the Sanctuary into the vortex of turmoil. The remaining rebels were captured after the civil war, and many considered the clique had been destroyed. However, there were remnants who noticed the disadvantageous situation earlier than anyone else and fled to the border where the Regular Armies could not detect. "Blue Espada Dragon" was one of them. They were called remnants, but they no longer work in a consolidated group. They are separated, yet with their leader's teachings in their minds, they live with fights and battles.

The world without wars, the everlasting peace... the nation holds such nonsense as its maxims, and its citizens indulge merrily in this fake peace. And, the knightly orders protect the nation and its citizens.

All of them are unforgivable. Embracing his unstoppable obsession and rage, the knight of the blue sword takes his steps to root out his nemesis, the paladins.

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