He is a member of the "Blue Storm Armada", the elite troop led by "Maelstrom". He was given the rank of "cadet" because it was born only several ages ago. Despite his young age, this boy has already possessed power comparable those of lance corporals. During his training period, he left the training marine area frequently and trained himself with a harsher menu. It seems that he was bored with the common training menu with other cadets. He was in fact the last individual of the second latest model. Given that his combat skill is so outstanding that even the term "genius" is not sufficient to describe him, rumor says that he was modified by someone when he was born.

Although he was a problematic kid that could conflict with his seniors, he respects Vice Admiral "Maelstrom" as the idol of strength. For this, he has become a surprisingly obedient boy since he joined the "Blue Storm Armada".

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