He is one of the members of "Blue Storm Armada", led directly by the famed general "Maelstrom" in the past. Captain "Michael" is an Aquaroid of the 473rd generation, while Lieutenant "Milos" is of the 502nd generation. Nowadays, "Blue Storm Armada" has become an enormous force, with "Maelstrom", still alive, as the commander-in-chief and multiple commanders leading the detachment forces. Michael is the head of the 34th Armada, one of the detachment forces, and Milos is his aide-de-camp. Both of them are the only survivors of their respective generations. In addition to their excellent abilities, they are also fortunate enough to survive many deadly wars, granting them more than enough potential to lead an armada. The somehow cold-hearted commander, acting calmly like a machine, and the quick-witted aide-de-camp, good at finishing off enemies, are of contrast personalities, yet their combination is surprisingly good. After they have been assigned to the 34th armada, the armada achieved outstanding results beyond comparison than that before they joined.

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