He was one of the inspectors sent from the Realm of Deities to capture the traitor "Fenrir", but like "Gleipnir", he was attracted by Fenrir's charisma, and betrayed the Realm of Deities to follow Fenrir. He was one of the best tacticians in the Realm of Deities, and even Gleipnir, the ex-leading-inspector, said, "If I fought a battle with him (Gjoll), my defeat is almost certain." And so, Gjoll is attracted by Fenrir whose talents surpass him greatly. In addition to his battle prowess, he is good at using words as his weapon, and he favours controlling others and the situation as he wills. The stone torture rack always floating near him is "Scream Fragment", which is used to interrogate those whom he captured at the scene. A magical barrier of attraction is always active on the weapon, and at Gjoll's will, the weapon can bind those who are within the magical barrier's range. Those who resist Gjoll are to be slowly tortured by the tools attached on the weapon. So hideous it is.

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