This is the new form of "Chronojet Dragon" and "Chrono Dran" after unleashing their "Z organs" and achieving "Stride Evolution". Because Chronojet was entrusted with the power from "Messiah", Chronovisor has the power to fight against the Destruction Deity "Gyze". His physical strength, armor and other abilities have surpassed common creatures, but more particularly, his flight speed has surpassed light, allowing him to dodge Gyze's beams after seeing them being fired. Even Gyze could not hit him once during the battle. To protect Chrono Dran and the other young warriors, Chronojet alone used Chronovisor Heritage's body to charge at Gyze. Before Gyze could detonate itself, both Chronojet and Gyze were annihilated from the world.

Z organs, the Key of Apotheosis

"Z organs" are the new powers hosted by "Chronojet Dragon" and "Chrono Dran". They are unique for they are powered by neither mana nor spacetime power, but the "Power of Destiny". The Z organs' performance is heavily influenced by the Power of Destiny, making them difficult to be controlled. Even Chronojet had difficulties when using his Z organ in the first place. Unbeknownst to Chronojet, at the moment he excited the two Z organs, there was an explosive surge of the Power of Destiny in Planet "E", the planet bonded to Cray by the Power of Destiny. The immense deicidal Power of Destiny was generated by "coincidence", at the cost of the annihilation of Chronojet and the destruction of the bridge of destiny between Cray and Planet "E".

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