A player of "Spike Brothers", the powerful team of the infamously violent sport "Gallows Ball". The werewolf speaks proudly that "My rival is 'the most valued treasure'", and that is not an exaggeration, for his legs' strength is of top class among Gallows Ball players. From his speed that his opponent had said "I thought I had caught him, but that was just an afterimage.", he was given the title "The Runner at the Speed of Light".

To score points in Gallows Balls, it is necessary touch down with ball beyond the opponents' goal lines. Machines have been used to judge the scoring, but something unusual occurred around Cobalt Impulse. When Cobalt Impulse scored points, his speed exceeded the limit of the measurer's recognition speed, and his single touch down scored points so many that the counter stopped. The scores were corrected quickly, of course, but he became famous as "the man who had won scores of astronomical scales."

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