She is a crew of "Nightrose Pirates", of the great pirate coalition "Granblue". She is a failed experiment subject, born in the experiment when a scientist tried to resurrect her dead daughter. Because she has no limit on her muscle power, she cannot control how much power she exerts on her own will. The first victim was her father, when Francesca lost balance and stretched her arm, resulting in the arm penetrating her father's chest. She lost directions and wandered, and when she reached the shores, she encoutered Nightrose Pirates, which could not find a solution for their reef-struck ship. She used her unnatural power to move the ship back to the seas, and was thanked by all crews. Because she has the memories of her copy target, she possesses medical knowledge, so she was invited by Nightrose Pirates as their first doctor on ship. However, rumours have spread about those who leave the medical room with more injuries than before, and Francesca is now distressed for the fact that none except Nightrose visits her medical room.
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