This is one of the future possibilities of "Vortimer", the knight of Black Horse that awakened from his long slumber. In addition to the inherited power hosted in his armor, he managed to unleash its power as "Blaster". The fact that Vortimer could unleash the power of Blaster is probably proof that his mind grew greatly as he overcame the "Liberation War" with many comrades. The nature of the power is darkness, same as those of "Phantom Blaster" and "Claret Sword". However, the fighting aura unleashed by Vortimer is different from their fighting aura which refuses to accept others like blades. Instead, Vortimer's fighting aura is serene and calm, as if a vessel that accepts everything. "It is not darkness misguiding the way, but those who walk on the wrong way would be devoured by darkness"---to stop the young knight from being devoured by his inner darkness, the serene darkness stands against the gloomy sun.

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