She is the tactician of "Shadow Paladin" who has returned after long expedition. After the civil war, she led a few elites and traveled to a friendly nation of the holy nation. Under the acknowledgment of the ruler of that nation, she dealt a crushing blow to those who cannot be punished in common ways, just like she did when she was in the main force. As United Sanctuary suffered the most casualties during the "Invasion Great War", the "Shadow Paladin" expeditions led by Macha had been summoned to return from all over the world, in order to assist the restoration work by the regular army of the capital.

The veteran tactician has returned to the battlefield---her order echoed over the land. Her only objectives are victory, and the peace beyond victory.

The Return of the Tactician

On a vertical cliff stood a shadow, looking down with his sword piercing the ground. Looking over the battlefield, Blaster Dark whispered. To another shadow standing behind him.

"Standing steadfast against stealth troops from three directions... but the situation is bad."

"Charon, tell Tartu to fall back."

"Fall back? Oh, yes. Today should be... So the feint operation goes so far. You're so shrewd."

"The tactics of that girl include no mistakes. This war should be ended here."

"Understood, Vice-grandmas... No, Grandmaster."


Charon, sighing at the calm speech of Blaster Dark, disappeared.

"All troops, fall back! Claudas, bring up the rear!"

(Kuh... how come I have to fall back...)

"Hey, hey, don't show a face like you've eaten paste of bugs. There's a reason."

"W-what do you know..."

"Look, see there. It's the return of the star of Shadow Paladin, the best tactician."

One could notice that the enemies, having been attacking from three directions, combined into one troop to pursue the main force of Shadow Paladin. Mysterious shadows emerged from two sides, as if to crush the flanks of the enemies.

"Encircle them! Narrow their spaces from two sides, and block their rears!"

(The same blue hair, the same amber eyes, like that time...)

"Lady, Macha..."

"Main Force Commander, stop acting dull. This place is a battlefield."


"The encirclement is complete. This is the last order of this operation."


""All troops, charge!""

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