He is the young grandmaster who commands the Holy Nation's First Regular Army "Royal Paladin" in the world of distant future. He is a genius whose talents bloomed early, and is the youngest person to be promoted to the position of grandmaster in the history. Even the Sanctuary's high-ranked knights praise him for his "might beyond generals, and wisdom beyond tacticians", and almost all in the Sanctuary know him as the "Heroic Divine Knight". In addition, he is the only knight to be given "the permission to use the divine sword Fides in times of emergency" in that era. From this fact, one may have a glance on how much the king trusts him. "Halbwachs" has one daily practice. That is, to walk to the capital's central square, where the statues of all eras' grandmasters stand. He looks up at one of the statues, at the statue who holds the divine sword Fides with a gallant look, and emboldens his determination every day. The determination to make no disgrace to the great ancestor's name, to protect and support the Sanctuary.
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