He is one of the "Dragwizards", who are researchers that study the secret arts of "Dragshift" in "Shadow Paladin". The elf boy joined the knightly order about two years ago, and his appearance matches his actual age. He was born in a small village in the mountains, and his ability of manipulating mana is the best among those of his age. He had been living arrogantly, and had absolute confidence in using magic. However, after joining "Shadow Paladin" which is full of powerful beings, he learnt that he is nothing more than a frog in the well. He had been depressed, but the secret arts of "Dragshift", which none could master at this stage, brings hope to him. After knowing the existence of the secret arts, he has changed totally, and has been working hard to research and study the secret arts. The new target is a kindle that ignites his heart again, and he aims to truly become the strongest spellcaster by mastering the secret art---the boy's dream has just begun.

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