One of the Squad Commanders of the "Eradicators" in Narukami, one of the two great pillars of the imperial military. Clad in vivid armor and carrying an almost alien sword, he has a body that's more than 30 meters long, resulting in an appearance that draws attention to him, no matter what. Without running counter to his appearance, he's a broadminded warrior, but he's an old-fashioned sort who believes that "improving the men's morale" is the way you win a war. It seems the arrival of this flashy, awe-inspiring commander motivated something inside the soldiers, something about him, the showy way he dresses, or maybe the way he fights, it inspires all of his comrades, and it's all done in the name of victory for the empire. His roar reaches to far beyond, making the enemy cower, while his men charge faster and harder. The moment that explosive battle cry hits the ears of the enemy, it starts a countdown of the time they have left on this mortal coil.

Who are the "Eradicators"?

A Special Force consisted of those who are especially loyal and faithful to the Dragon Empire, chosen from the ranks of the "Narukami" clan, one of the two major Military Wings of the Empire. As what the title literally means, the aim of the force is to "eradicate" anyone who dares make an enemy out of the Empire. All are subjected to a special training so that they can make ruthless choices during their mission, no matter how peaceful one acts when they're off duty. In addition, only the upper echelons and those belonging to the "Eradicators" know who are appointed to bear the title of "Eradicator."

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