The chieftain of all Yuki-Onnas (Snow women) that is affiliated to the Empire. Since she was born from the mixture of the souls of dying dragons and mountain gods, she is a greater demon whose presence is on par with the Nine-tailed Fox and the Tengu.

It is said that the vermillion glow that shines occasionally from her snowfield-like silver hair is the imprint of departed dragon's souls. While she may look like a fragile young girl, this is just an illusion created by her magic. Her original appearance is a very beautiful woman, so beautiful one may mistake her for a goddess.
However, one mustn't chase after her, even if she appeared in the mountains. Instead of blood, a cold, freezing demonic aura flows in the veins of her inhuman body. One will get chilled by the freezing cold just by approaching her, and by touching her, one will be frozen to the bone in no time.

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