Dragon Empire is the largest nation among the six nations of Cray. In the dim and distant past that even the continent had changed its shape, the Empire was separated into the Eastern Force and the Western Force, fought for the hegemony of the Empire. Appeared in the Eastern land was "Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon", the primordial flame and the formidable dragon king who conquered all land of the Empire's eastern part in merely a few days. Its extensive body stretched longer than great rivers, its physical strength could reduce mountains to plains in a night, and its mana subjugated the spirits of flame. Its "power" as an individual was exceptional, and undoubtedly it was the mightiest of the time. Nevertheless, the arrogance of the mighty dragon king lead to its end. The Eastern Force and the Western Force joined hand, combining all their strengths into a coalition and destroyed the dragon king. According to the records, even the soul of the dragon king was obliterated.

The arrogant king is so conceited to proclaim itself the laws of the world. Wished that the ancient tyrant is not resurrected by the distortion of time, and it should slumber eternally.

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