He is a fierce general who wreaks havoc in the world of the distant future. This hot-blooded young general is famous for not having any direct subordinates. The reason lies in his unprecedented fighting style. His favourite weapons include bombardment rifles which fire high-powered beams, shoulder-equipped wide-range scatter cannons which can cover large areas, and "Connect-type Firearm Control Armament, Vulcan", a massive support unit several times bigger than his size. The weapons' exaggerated appearances are enough to show that their true value lies in battles of extermination. When he fights with all weapons' limiters released, it resembles a battle between fleets. There is only one problem, that whenever he enters the battlefield, all of his comrades must fall back. There are many fierce generals in "Kagero", but he is possibly the only one who fights all enemies on the battlefield without aid from comrades. There are many ways to reach the apex of warriors' techniques. Some refine their swordsmanship, some train up their bodies, some practice magic... if he is to be categorized, he should be titled as "One who grasps (arms) the searing heat (flare)".

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