She is the goddess of skies, who resides not in the realms of men, but in the "deities' realm", a higher dimension. Being a pure-blooded deity related to the omnipotent lord of the deities' realm, she is an especially high-ranked being among the deities like "Amaterasu".

Without disgracing the name of high-ranked deities, she possesses power equal to those of deities who govern over the sun and the oceans. However, the tolerance and gentleness of her mind are as great as her might, and she had never unleashed her hidden power.

This is why she is unique, for she had never descended on the land in the history of Cray, when compared to the many deities including the creators and deities of wars that have descended on the land for a variety of reasons.

During the internal turmoil of estrangement within "Genesis", Dione responded to the Stride of "Goddess of the Hearth, Hestia", and used her strength for the first time in her life. After that, she participated in the protection of the Sanctuary in the form of responding to Hestia's wish.

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