This is "Altmile" who has been granted the honorable title "Higher Deity" reserved for the strongest knight of the Holy Nation. His armor is a testament of this title. The pure white armor symbolizes the First Regular Army "Royal Paladin", while the golden decoration alludes to the Second Regular Army "Gold Paladin". This armor of Higher Deity was crafted by the best smith of the nation under the King's order, and from this armor, one could have a glimpse of the King's strong trust, that "Altmile is the apex of all knights of the Holy Nation". By the way, the masterpiece of the famed smith is not merely an empty title, for the armor is strong enough to withstand the repercussions of the divine sword "Fides". Those with power are obliged to protect the weak. Then, for he who has become stronger than everyone, who should he protect? The answer is already there. "There isn't even a change since the day I aspired to become a knight. To protect all people, that is my one and only one answer."

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