This high beast young man graduated from the university "Great Nature" several years ago, and has worked as a staff of the university. Because his sound and appearance is abnormally childish, he is mistaken by the freshmen to be their "fellow classmate" every year.

He doesn't even touch his assignment until the deadline is near...simply put, he is "lazy". However, he is a genius to its true meaning, as he can finish all assignments within one or two days.

"Mikesaburo" was invited by a certain professor to be her assistant, and he became a staff of the university. His reason for accepting the invitation was "if I chose another job type, it would be tiresome to learn how to deal with the new working environment".

But, he was employed as the "Honorary Assistant", which was beyond his imagination. He works busier than other assistants every day, and the staff and students dearly call him "Sabu". He always murmurs "I had said it'd be fine to be an ordinary assistant...", but is it just a fancy that he looks much more spirited than before?

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