She is an airheaded little-lady-esque idol of "Bermuda Triangle". She looks serene and competent, but her true nature is slow and careless, and she causes accidents frequently, even during events.

The most shocking thing about her is not the fact that she causes at least one accident per event, but the boom of popularity whenever she makes a mistake.

The details of her accidents include "forgetting to bring her mic", "wearing her costumes in a wrong way", "doing a different pose when all guests do the same pose", etc., which are all amusing to her audience. She acts calmly in all occasions except the moment after she makes a mistake, when she would show a face in panic with confusion...her form makes others want to support her, and the gap between her normal face and her confused face enchants her fans.

Today is the filming day for her photos, to be used in a magazine's report. The situation is a simple one, to take photos of her strolling carefreely... but what accidents await "Emilia" and the filming staff?

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