It is one of the extraordinarily powerful Gear Beasts residing in the gaps of dimensions administrated by "Gear Chronicle". Maintained by multiple Gearoids and Workeroids, the Gear Beasts with high affinity for Time Engines and formidable power are monitored in special dimensions under the command of Gear Dragons.

This pegasus with "Upheaval" in its name has a massive internal Time Engine. It can take flight with a single flap of its wings while altering the flow of time, and the land it descends on can encounter every season of all epochs. Due to its excessive impact on its surroundings, it is only permitted to go into action in urgent cases. Nonetheless, it enjoys flying in the skies of worlds it hasn't visited before.

Should you have the opportunity to meet with Upheaval Pegasus, please take joy with it in a space with blooming flowers of all seasons... that said, only if you could stay calm in a situation so urgent that it has to go into action.

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