A member of "Link Joker" that received the blessing of the "Messiah", reborn as a new race of Cray. A Type-FEMALE Cyberoid with powerful stealth capabilities was born.

She flies around Cray every day in search for pieces of Brandt that fell to Cray from the avoided collision with "Planet Brandt".

Although the energy required for "Link Joker" to be active originally did not exist on Cray, due to their rebirth on this world, some of the spirits have come to release this energy. However, the energy produced naturally is still less than normal, so it is not possible to cover all of their energy costs. So, their master Messiah issued a command.

They were to search for substances that contained the power of "Link Joker". The substance that most strongly contains this power is the pieces of the aforementioned Planet Brandt. The energy the Messiah extracts from these small pieces is more than 50 times the energy produced by the spirits in one day.

As the number of energy-producing spirits increases, when the supply becomes stable, it will become unnecessary to hunt down those pieces. But this will occur only after a few decades, or after a few hundred years――

They secretly stalk the world. For now, their priority is to survive day to day.

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